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When home owners decide to take on a major backyard landscaping project, the goal is usually to create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere more in tune with Mother Nature. Unfortunately, the very processes that go into large landscaping jobs can actually have an adverse effect on the environment you’re trying to cherish.

Pesticides, fertilizers, and exhaust from lawn equipment can pollute both the air and water on your property, and poor choices in plants and garden locations can damage your yard’s established ecosystem. Fortunately, there are many ways to help avoid these problems and still create the outdoor landscape of your dreams.

Smart Gardening

A good landscaping contractor can help you create gardens that are beautiful without being detrimental to the environment. Choosing a variety of plants that are native to your region is a great way to encourage healthy growth and avoid the need for over-watering or fertilizers. Similarly, getting rid of aggressive, invasive plants is a good call, too. Smart plant selection can even help conserve energy. The shade created by strategically planted shrubs and trees can actually keep your home cooler and reduce air conditioning costs.

Smart Maintenance

Try thinking smaller and simpler when it comes to the upkeep on your landscaping project. Use electric or man powered yard equipment when possible. Mulching mowers are great, as the clippings they leave behind eventually return nutrients back into the soil. As for fertilizers, be conservative. A single autumn application of a slow-release organic fertilizer to your lawn can accomplish more than you might think.

Go Natural

Not every landscaping project has to wind up looking like a geometric work of art. These days, many landscaping contractors suggest a more natural look, encouraging smaller yards and larger outgrowth of wildflowers and woodlands. This conserves energy, maintains wildlife habitats, and encourages cleaner air. Plus, there’s no better way to get in tune with Mother Nature than by including some of her handywork in your own landscaping plan!

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