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Getting to the Roof of the Problem:
New Roofing Makes for a Wise Summer Investment

Having a "roof over your head" isn't just a figure of speech, it's also your best defense against the harsh winds, rains, and ice that Mother Nature can throw at your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to take their roofing for granted over the years, and during the summer in particular, more pleasant weather often moves such concerns to the back burner. For those in the know; however, roof repairs and installation are a regular part of the summer experience. It might not qualify as "fun in the sun," but with the help of an expert roofing contractor, getting your roof in order can be a far simpler undertaking than you might think.

Roof Repair

Just because you survived the winter with no damage doesn't mean your roof did. Basic roofing repairs are among the most essential types of home improvement. Fortunately, home contractors are always available during the summer to inspect your roof for any problematic leaks, cracks, or holes. A small investment in time and money can save you a lot of grief, not just when winter returns, but when that first big summer thunderstorm hits, too!

Roofing Installation

Sometimes, your better move is to start from scratch with a new and improved roof. These days, there are a plethora of options to choose from, all of which have their pros and cons, depending on the house's aesthetic, the homeowner's budget, and the surrounding environment. For strength and stability, at a higher cost, you may want to equip your home with a metal roof, be it made from aluminum, copper or steel. As a more affordable and flexible alternative, there's fiberglass roofing, which can be used as shingles, panels, or in a corrugated roofing system. There have even been new advances in rubber roofing, which has made the material more aesthetically pleasing while still serving as a low cost option, particularly for flat roofs.

It's not usual to see several houses in the same neighborhood having new roofing installed during the summer months. With the weather cooperating and home remodeling projects in full swing, roofing contractors typically experience their highest demand during this time of year. If you're considering a new roof, you'll definitely want to get in touch with a reputable contractor sooner than later, as many specialists, both installers and repairmen, can be backed up with various projects for weeks at a time.

Roofing Costs

It's impossible to put an all-encompassing price tag on the general "roofing" services. There are simply too many variables to consider, from the building materials to the size of the house and its geographic location. A 10 ft x 10 ft square could cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000 depending on these various factors. The good news is, SignatureForum's sister site SignatureContractors is making the process a lot easier, with their new guide to roofing costs. On these pages, you can learn more about cost fluctuations in the roofing industry, including regional price estimate breakdowns for everything from slate roofing to steel roofing.

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