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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the SignatureForum Home Improvement Newsletter. With the beginning of October, we've started down that seasonal slippery slope to colder weather. That means fewer opportunities to work off calories, fat, and extra poundage with our favorite outdoor activities: hiking, biking, swimming, jogging, beach volleyball, etc. Since gym memberships can cost an arm and a leg these days, and hectic work schedules and high gas prices can make gym trips an obstacle in their own right, many people are now opting for a workout space in the convenience of their own home.

Home gyms require plenty of space, planning, and budgeting, but they're certainly a luxury more and more people are deeming worth the expense. Public gym memberships often involve fighting for a spot on the best machines, fitting the gym's hours into your schedule, and paying those ever-increasing monthly fees. With that in mind, who wouldn't rather sweat it out in the privacy of their own home? Personal home gyms allow us to work out at our own convenience, and to exercise with confidence, knowing that no one's judging how we fill out our spandex.

These are some things you will want to consider when creating your home gym:

  • What are your personal workout goals? You'll want to select gym equipment that's appropriate for these goals.
  • What are the dimensions of your gym space? Certain exercise equipment requires specific amounts of square footage and even a specific ceiling height.
  • Who will be using your home gym? The equipment, layout, and safety precautions will vary depending on the number of gym users and their individual needs.
  • What is the best home gym design for you? Non-slip flooring, recessed lighting fixtures, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, central air? Personal preferences and adequate safety measures will play a large part here.

This fall, don't let cold weather freeze your weight-loss progress. A home gym can help you keep that trim waistline all the way through sweater season. For assistance in creating your personal home gym this year, enlist the help of home contractors with experience in custom design, basement remodeling, and room additions. By bringing your workout closer to home, you'll never again sweat over those winter weight-gain blues.

From all of us at SignatureForum, thanks for reading this Home Improvement Newsletter. We'll be back next month with more on home services and how to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. Until then, have a great October!

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October 2008
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