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Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

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  • There's a lot more to carpentry than the old hammer and nail. While many associate a carpenter's work primarily with a building's skeleton or frame, or as being responsible for your dining room table and entertainment unit, these are just parts of the carpentry industry.

    While there are specialty carpenters that work everywhere from the local shipyard to a studio film set in Hollywood, many carpenters work closer to home—your home, in fact! A great deal of carpentry goes into home construction and home design, meaning carpenters and related contractors play a large part in major home remodeling projects, home additions, roofing jobs, outdoor decks and structures; the list goes on.

    The carpentry group that mainly deals with home construction includes:

    • Framers: they build the framework or structural support for new homes and buildings

    • Roofers: these carpenters construct a roof's support beams, rafters, etc.

    • Finish Carpenters: simply put, they do the "finish work," or the cabinetry, detailed woodwork, wooden inlays, parquetry, etc.

    • Trim Carpenters: their main focus is building the wood casings, trim and moldings for windows, doors, etc.

    Most carpentry contractors offer services in both Rough Carpentry (foundation sills, support beams, and floor joists) and Finished Carpentry, which can include the addition of windows, siding, flooring, wainscoting, trim, and other more aesthetic, visible elements. Clearly, then, it is critical that you find a carpenter with the stability and vision to get your project off the ground.

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