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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

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Everyone is remodeling their kitchen these days! Don't believe me? How many websites came up when you searched for kitchen remodeling ideas? Exactly... more than you can count! It is proven that in 2007 in many metropolitan US cities, there is an abundance of kitchen remodeling going on.

If you live in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City and you haven't made your kitchen remodeling ideas a priority, it's time to get started. After all, we've all got to keep up with The Jones' right? It can certainly be intimidating to begin a major project like kitchen or bathroom remodeling, but with a little patience and careful planning, you will be glad that you opted to do it!

Not only will remodeling your kitchen increase the resale value of your house, but imagine how refreshing it will feel to step into your brand new kitchen each morning. In fact, you may even look for excuses to be in your kitchen once it is remodeled. I never enjoyed doing dishes prior to remodeling my kitchen. Now, as crazy as it sounds, I actually enjoy it. My husband wishes I felt the same way about the laundry room! Maybe he'll fund that one next...

How do I turn my kitchen remodeling ideas into a reality?

To start, consult your favorite magazines, check out your friends' kitchens or even attend a home show in your area to get an idea of what you'd like the finished product to look like.

Next, decide what characteristics of your kitchen you'd like to change. Perhaps you hate that your dishwasher and sink are on opposite sides of the kitchen and would prefer that they be adjacent to one another. Or, maybe you're considering incorporating a Sub Zero refrigerator in to your kitchen remodel design because your family has grown in numbers since you purchased your home.

Homeowners often complain about the lack of storage in their homes. When working with your designer, be sure to mention the need for extra storage if it applies to your family. There are all sorts of creative ways to incorporate tons of added storage without compromising the integrity of your new kitchen design.

Maybe your kitchen simply needs a facelift. Changing flooring, countertops and window treatments could be all you need to achieve the look that you desire for your kitchen.

Most people would say that they desire a sense of uniqueness when it comes to kitchen remodeling designs and styles. However, the reality is that for the most part, people typically end up choosing design ideas that are very similar to many of the other kitchen remodels in the neighborhood.

Kitchen remodeling trends that have been noted in 2007 are single bowl large sinks, extremely thick countertops - we're talking up to seven inches thick! Tile walls, dark wood cabinet finishes, metals that are in the brown family, and light colors for countertops are other kitchen remodeling trends that have made their way to popularity in 2007.

Rustic is in, and it has taken on a sort of earthy persona this year. A plethora of open shelving has also taken a front row seat along with the color purple. Not as dark as eggplant, a little bit softer.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Most contractors can provide you with a ballpark price per square foot for your kitchen remodel. Get a couple of ball park quotes from reliable, licensed and insured contractors. Then use the tips below to go from there.

Architectural drawing charges

In most cities, architect approved and stamped drawings are required for permitting especially if you plan to do more than just paint and install new cabinets. Many towns are particular about what they allow their residents to alter as their goal is to make sure that community property value is protected.

You will want to provide drawings to your contractor candidates so that they can bid the job "apples to apples." With drawings, you will be able to ensure that all of their estimates take the same things into account, making the cost comparison process simple for you. If you don't have plans already, be sure to include up to $1500 in your budget for your architect to draw your plans.

Engineering report charges (may apply)

If you plan to relocate any load bearing walls as part of your kitchen remodel, you may need to provide an engineering report to your contractor. Engineering reports tell contractors how to remove the wall without compromising the structural integrity of your home. Engineers indicate specific instructions as to the size and type of support beams that will be required in order to ensure that your house won't collapse once the wall is moved!

Permit cost

Your project will more than likely require a city-issued permit. Most permits cost a flat rate plus a percentage of the total cost of the kitchen remodeling job. Check with your town hall to find out what the requirements are to obtain a permit for your kitchen remodel.

Consider your taste!

Depending on your design taste and expectations for quality, you may need to include 15%-20% more money in your budget than you first thought for selection items. Fancy door hardware, flooring, electrical fixtures, appliances, and plumbing fixtures can very easily increase the cost of your kitchen remodeling project. Faucets, door knobs, cabinets and other finish items can cause you to miss your budget - by A LOT!

There are typically three grades of finishes: premium grade, high grade, and economy grade. It is definitely possible for smart shoppers to design a fabulous kitchen while sticking to a tight budget using economy grade finishes. If your first priority is to save money and you have the time to shop around, consider going with the economy grade selections.

In most cases, your contractor will be flexible about allowing you to choose a high grade or premium grade item if there is a light fixture or refrigerator that you prefer to have from a different selections group. Typically, the contractor will simply charge the price difference plus a small upgrade fee.

If your kitchen remodeling budget allows you to replicate the designs used to construct the Taj Mahal, then your best bet is to hire an interior decorator to assist you with your selections so that you can be confident that everything will fit together nicely in your new kitchen.

Who should I hire to remodel my kitchen?

Please, please, please be sure that you will hire a contractor who is properly licensed and has a minimum of $1.5 million in general liability insurance coverage!

Some unlicensed, uninsured contractors have been known to do great work, but for each one of them, there are 10 of them who offer nothing more than shoddy craftsmanship, hidden expenses, and cause for concern. Yes, these contractors have lower priced quotes, but they can afford to be less expensive because they aren't paying for the proper licenses and insurance.

Do yourself a huge favor and make sure that you verify the legitimacy of the contractors you interview. Good sources of verification are the Better Business Bureau and your State Licensing Board for Contractors.

Our SignatureCertified kitchen remodeling contractors have the craftsmanship and know how to turn any kitchen into an elegant dining experience. SignatureContractors can help you find a licensed contractor in Chicago, IL; Marietta, GA; Philadelphia, PA; Orlando, FL; and areas all throughout the country. A licensed contractor can give you a free estimate for your new kitchen or any of your general home remodeling projects.

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