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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom remodeling projects are generally among the most efficient and affordable types of home remodeling projects. They're also a proven way to substantially increase the value of your home. Whether you're installing new tile flooring, a walk-in shower, or new sinks and countertops, a well-planned bathroom remodeling job can work wonders. Of course, making the right decisions can seem like a challenge at first, but by considering these steps and working with a licensed contractor, anyone can enjoy a successful bathroom remodel.

Choosing a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Obviously, even for the DIY homeowners out there, finding a skilled contractor is critical for any major bathroom remodeling job. The good news is that from Los Angeles to New York, and from Atlanta to Chicago, bathroom remodeling contractors are working hard to help you realize your goals. Even in a down economy, a professionally remodeled bathroom can pay considerable dividends. Not just in the added luxury and comfort it brings you and your family, but in the financial benefits a new bathroom can result in for your home's resale value. Read our tips on choosing a contractor for more information on this important stage of your project.

Bringing My Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Life

Once you've decided to get serious about perfecting your powder room, water closet, lavatory etc., you'll need to formulate a vision for those hard-working contractors, carpenters and plumbers to carry out. To get started, you could browse through your favorite magazines, ask your friends for their insight, or attend that home show coming to your town for possible inspiration into your own bathroom remodeling plans. Once you've decided which ideas are worth further exploration, choose the elements of your bathroom you'd like to modify. Structural consequences can have a drastic effect on a homeowner's decision-making processes when it comes to bathroom remodeling.

There are two ways to approach this part of the planning process. One is to decide up-front what plumbing fixtures (tubs, showers, toilets, sinks) you plan to move or replace, and then ask your architect to draft the plans based on your item selections. Basically, he/she will design your new bathroom so that all of your chosen fixtures will fit perfectly. The upside is that you will have the bathroom that you always wanted. The downside is that this could mean moving walls and plumbing installations, and both are very costly.

The second option is to ask your designer or contractor to simply tell you what your fixture choices should be dimension-wise, based on leaving your current plumbing as is. The limitation with the latter option is that you would have to choose bathtubs, cabinets, showers, etc. that work within the constraints of the existing space. The positive side is that you will save a lot of money by not moving your existing plumbing sources.

Thinking Practically

Perhaps you would prefer a large walk-in shower and are not concerned with a bathtub at all. Maybe you're considering a Jacuzzi tub with a slightly smaller walk-in shower. Consider the needs of the people who will use the bathroom in question when determining the remodel design. For example, the detail, design and purpose of the bathroom remodel will likely be different for a master bathroom versus a guest bathroom.

If your children are fans of bubble baths and rubber duckies, it probably isn't wise to eliminate your bathtub. If you and your spouse don't ever plan on taking long baths and would much rather optimize the art of creative showering concepts, then ditch the tub and focus on creating your dream shower for two.

Homeowners often complain about the lack of cabinet space in their bathrooms. When working with your architect or designer, be sure to mention the need for extra storage if it applies to your family. There are all sorts of creative ways to incorporate tons of added storage without compromising the integrity of your new master bathroom design. The goal is simple: add all the elements you know you would use, and eliminate those you would not.

Surface Aesthetics

Maybe you are thinking that all your bathroom really needs is a facelift. Changing just the flooring or vanities or fixtures could be all you need to achieve the look that you desire for your bathroom.

One of the most prominent characteristics that I remember about the house I grew up in is that all of the bathrooms had colorful toilets, tubs and sinks. It was like each bathroom had a personality all its own! Mine had yellow everywhere, from the floors, to the tub, to the toilet and sink; even the toilet paper holder was YELLOW! Little touches like custom colors and design elements can really make your bathroom unique.

Freeing Up Space

Most people would say that they want the benefits of increased space in their new bathroom. Quite often, homeowners consider bathroom remodeling with the goal of "opening up" the space that's already there. This is best achieved with lots of glass and mirrors, but can also be accomplished with more intensive remodeling efforts like taking out walls and building add-ons. Installing or optimizing glass details and mirrors in a bathroom not only adds more light, it creates the illusion of a larger space.

Today, many couples are choosing master bathroom remodeling in order to make their bathroom more functional for two people to share, literally. No matter a couple's separate career or personal obligations, it's very common for both parties to need use of the bathroom simultaneously in the mornings and evenings. That's when a master bathroom outfitted with dual sinks, or even two showers, can really come in handy!

Heated flooring, dual and quadruple shower heads, wall-mounted televisions, theater sound, and lighting concepts with dimming options are also popular new remodeling options.

As far as plumbing hardware and electrical fixtures are concerned, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and bronze are the trendy thing to do. Brass has pretty much come and gone, and chrome is on its way out.

If you are having difficulty tying everything together, consider using some of your bathroom remodeling budget to enlist the help of an interior designer. Interior designers have an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in optimizing home spaces. They can either suggest new ideas for your bathroom if you're struggling on your own, or they can help you reaffirm that your remodeling choices are both logical and aesthetically pleasing.

Your new bathroom can start with a simple call to a licensed bathroom remodeling contractor in your area. SignatureContractors can help put you in touch with certified general and bathroom remodeling contractors in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Norwich, CT; and areas throughout the U.S. Contact us today to help you choose a licensed bathroom remodeler or a general contractor for any of your home improvement needs!

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