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Custom Closet Design

Custom Closet Design

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Do you ever feel like it is impossible to keep your home organized? Do you dread opening closet doors? Have you experienced the anticipation of the avalanche that threatens to descend on the other side of your son or daughter's closet door?

Or, maybe while you are pretty well organized, your spouse could use a few lessons on how to keep the master bedroom closet visually appeasing to all of its users. Custom closet design has become a very popular trend in new construction and home remodeling in the past five years. Homeowners have become tired over trying to find places to stuff their stuff! The great thing about custom closets is that anyone can find a use for an organizational system.

Not only can customizing your closets improve your quality of life, but it can also increase the resale value of your home. I actually chose first home that I bought due largely to the amount of custom shelving and closet organization that it had. I didn't even end up using many of the spaces for the same things that the previous owners used them for. And that's what is so nice about the universality of custom closets and cabinets.

A few tips for consideration when choosing the organizational concepts that will work best for you and your family are as follows

  • What kinds of things do you plan store in the closet?

    If you have children and will be using the closet to store toys, design a closet that has easy-to-reach shelving so that your children can reach their toys and put them away easily each time they want to play with them. If you plan to store mostly clothing and shoes in your closet, be sure to include some extra space for wardrobe expansion. Many times people make the mistake of only accommodating the items that they currently own. If you like to shop, plan ahead and add some extra space for more fun stuff!

  • What do you "have the most of?" Do you have more clothing than shoes? Do you have more clothes that get folded than those that hang?

    Make sure that the ratio of hanging space to shelving in your new closet matches the ratio of hanging clothes to folded clothes that you plan to store in the closet.

  • Are you going to be storing more than one person's things in the closet?

    If you share a closet with someone else, you might think about customizing with a bit more attention to the logistics of the design. For example, if you and your spouse get ready at the same time each morning then try not to design the closet with all of the hanging clothes on one side and all of the shoes and drawer space on the other. You'll step all over each other trying to get to what you need.

Custom closets provide organization that can't be achieved with plastic bins and shoe boxes. Imaging how mentally refreshing it will be to open your closet door and find everything in its place. This relatively small investment will be well worth making yourself feel that good every day! Visit Signature Contractors photo gallery to view pictures of custom closet designs.

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