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Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom Remodeling

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Bedrooms function as places of retreat at the end of stressful days. Thus your bedroom remodel design should incorporate elements that possess long lasting appeal.

Everything from the furniture that you choose to the lighting concepts, to the allocation of space, paint selections, and bedding will dictate the demeanor of your new bedroom. Each of these should be chosen carefully and they will not be mutually exclusive to one another as each component should consider all of the other selections.

You are probably wondering what should be chosen first if all of these factors weigh so heavily on one another.


Flooring is the first major selection involved in a full bedroom remodeling plan.

Once you have chosen your flooring, the other complementing selections become more narrowed, making the choices that follow slightly simpler. Options for flooring are infinite, but for your bedroom remodel, you will probably choose not to go with ceramic tile or granite. Instead, hardwood flooring or carpet will be more suiting.

Many people who choose hardwood also have hardwood flooring in their family rooms and formal dining rooms for uniformity. After you have chosen your flooring, begin thinking about furniture.


Not sure where to begin with furniture selections? There is a plethora of resources out there for design ideas and an equal amount of pictures and photo galleries. Pick up a few magazines while you're in line at the grocery store or in the home remodeling section at Home Depot or Lowes.

It's much easier to determine what you don't want than it is to decide what you do want. Eliminate the ideas that you don't want to pursue and then narrow your research to the categories in which you'd like to see more options.

Once you have determined the style and media of your furniture, the first piece of furniture to choose for your bedroom remodel is a bed.

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom even though you might not necessarily opt to place it in the center of the room. The size of the bed that you select should be proportionate to the size of the room that you are remodeling.

Don't try to squeeze a king sized bed into a 7' X 7' room. Not only will this make the room look much smaller, but you will lose valuable space for dressers, mirrors and other secondary focal points. Next, choose a dresser.

Your dresser should be proportionate to the wall that it will be place on. You definitely do not want a dresser to be too long for the wall. It won't be any fun to run into the corners every time you walk through the bedroom doorway!

Nightstands and mirrors are next on the shopping list. If your bed and dresser have accompanying nightstands, then it's decided! If not, look for nightstands that match one another but may function more as accent pieces.

Take advantage of an opportunity to get a little trendy now since the nightstands won't be exact matches to the bed and dresser anyway.


Lighting comes after furniture because in many cases lighting is wired based on the furniture arrangement. Common types of electrical lighting for bedroom remodeling typically include conceptual combinations.

Ceiling fans with dimming lights are the most popular type of main lighting for bedroom remodels. Many of these systems come with options for remote controlled dimming and fan speed control.

Recessed lighting is a close second to ceiling fans with light kits. Contemporary remodeling designs usually call for recessed lighting because it is less traditional and very low profile visually. After dark lighting is the predominant influence on the mood of the room.

Adding small eyeball or recessed lights above each side of the bed has become more prevalent in home remodels since 2006. With independent bedside lighting control switches, you can sleep while your husband or wife continues to read a book or newspaper.

Choosing your furniture before you choose the placement of lighting is essential especially if you plan to take advantage of the new technology in lighting such as overhead bedside reading lighting.


Paint is the next selection that you should make after lighting concepts have been confirmed. Unless you plan to paint the hallways or rooms near the room that you are remodeling, you should choose a color that is somewhat similar in tone and value from the adjacent areas.

Or, if the goal for the new color is to be very different, be sure to confirm that its richness will contrast favorably with the colors in rooms nearby.

For example, if the entire interior of your home is painted a soft pink, you may not want to paint your bedroom hunter green or orange. On the contrary, if part of the uniqueness of your home is that the rooms are all painted different colors, then by all means, carry on with another new, vivid selection for paint!


Once you've checked paint off the list, take a look at your options for bedding based on your selections for paint, lighting, furniture and flooring. Fabrics and other furnishings will help you to create the ambiance that you desire.

Comforters and pillow shams should never be the same color as the walls. Choose something that looks nice with the walls and use decorative pillows stitched with unique and exotic fabrics as accents to achieve a trendier look.

My opinion is that you can never go wrong with a down comforter! If you get tired of looking at the color that you chose, all you have to do is purchase a different duvet cover and shams. In the winter I use my eggplant colored, velvet duvet on the bed in my master bedroom and in the summer time I alternate between my 3 Egyptian cotton, dual texture striped duvets (in khaki, white, and sage).

If down isn't your style, there are many great options for quilts and comforters. Pick the fabric that you find most comfortable with a pattern or shade that match the walls and furniture.

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