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Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery

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  • Your carpet and furnishing are a major household investment and you want to keep them looking as good as possible for as long as possible. When your carpet begins to look less than stellar, it might be time for a thorough cleaning to bring back its original color and sheen. While many homeowners try their hand at DIY carpet cleaners, there are good reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning and upholstery contractor to get the job done right.

    Carpet damage can be much easier than you might think, and many DIY cleaners are guilty of mishaps like over-wetting or over-shampooing. Carpets that get too wet can become discolored when the backing underneath bleeds through to the carpet fibers. Carpets can also shrink, which results in tearing up from the edges. When carpet doesn't dry sufficiently, it can also develop mold and mildew problems. Some homeowners don't wait for their carpets to dry sufficiently before placing furnishings back into the room. When this happens, dyes can be released from the furniture into the carpet fibers, permanently staining the surface of the carpet.

    There are many things that can go wrong during the carpet and upholstery cleaning process, which is why a professional is often called for these jobs. Check out the listing of carpet and upholstery cleaning contractors at Signature Contractors to find an experienced carpet cleaner near you.

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