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Marble and Granite

Marble and Granite

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  • Marble and granite tiles and slab countertops have become one of the most luxurious kitchen add-ons.

    Formed over millions of years in some of nature's toughest conditions near the earth's core, granite makes for a very reliable, as well as beautiful, addition to any room in the house.

    Marble, while certainly just as beautiful, is slightly more porous and fragile than granite, making it more suitable for decorative touches rather than for the kitchen counter.

    Available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and complexities, there is sure to be a type of granite or marble that will match your unique tastes.

    Because of granite's unparalleled strength, granite is the perfect, worry-free solution for that bathroom or kitchen countertop, shower stall, mantle, or even your entryway floor. You can also choose between a textured, matte, or high-polish finish—whatever best suits the venue.

    A licensed countertop contractor can take your marble or granite slab and transform it into a masterpiece. Contact us to find a marble or granite contractor in your area.

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