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Everyone is remodeling their kitchen these days! Don't believe me? How many websites came up when you searched for kitchen remodeling ideas? Exactly... more than you can count! It is proven that in 2007 in many metropolitan US cities, there is an abundance of kitchen remodeling going on.

If you live in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City and you haven't made your kitchen remodeling ideas a priority, it's time to get started. After all, we've all got to keep up with The Jones' right? It can certainly be intimidating to begin a major project like kitchen or bathroom remodeling, but with a little patience and careful planning, you will be glad that you opted to do it!

Not only will remodeling your kitchen increase the resale value of your house, but imagine how refreshing it will feel to step into your brand new kitchen each morning. In fact, you may even look for excuses to be in your kitchen once it is remodeled. I never enjoyed doing dishes prior to remodeling my kitchen. Now, as crazy as it sounds, I actually enjoy it. My husband wishes I felt the same way about the laundry room! Maybe he'll fund that one next...

How do I turn my kitchen remodeling ideas into a reality?

To start, consult your favorite magazines, check out your friends' kitchens or even attend a home show in your area to get an idea of what you'd like the finished product to look like.

Next, decide what characteristics of your kitchen you'd like to change. Perhaps you hate that your dishwasher and sink are on opposite sides of the kitchen and would prefer that they be adjacent to one another. Or, maybe you're considering incorporating a Sub Zero refrigerator in to your kitchen remodel design because your family has grown in numbers since you purchased your home.

Homeowners often complain about the lack of storage in their homes. When working with your designer, be sure to mention the need for extra storage if it applies to your family. There are all sorts of creative ways to incorporate tons of added storage without compromising the integrity of your new kitchen design.

Maybe your kitchen simply needs a facelift. Changing flooring, countertops and window treatments could be all you need to achieve the look that you desire for your kitchen.

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