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Kitchen Remodeling - Chicago

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As many homeowners know, the kitchen is typically the most high-traffic room in the house. The kitchen is where we eat our meals, socialize with friends, congregate with family, entertain guests, and of course, cook. No wonder homeowners throughout the country are currently paying more attention to the design, the functionality, and the mood of their kitchens. That means the kitchen design and kitchen remodeling industry is booming everywhere from New York to Los Angeles, and from Miami to Chicago, IL. Kitchen remodeling can cover the entire development of a new kitchen space, or the redesign of an existing, outdated kitchen.

For home contractors in Chicago, kitchen remodeling projects are popular undertakings among residents of Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast, and among residents of Chicago's northwest suburbs, such as Barrington, Evanston, Schaumburg, etc. To get started remodeling your kitchen space, it's a good idea to begin brainstorming concepts and features you'd like to incorporate in your new kitchen. Some things you might want to consider in the planning process include:

  • Kitchen Layout – When planning the construction or redesign of your kitchen space, it's important to keep in mind basic guidelines such as: don't install a stove below a window (especially one with window treatments). The main kitchen activity centers (stove, sink and fridge) should be at opposite ends of the kitchen to encourage good flow-through. Do arrange for the majority of kitchen storage to be in overhead cabinets or shelving to maximize space and convenience, etc. Having a trusted kitchen remodeling contractor assess the space can help to ensure clients choose a layout that is safe, sensible, and modern.

  • Kitchen Functionality – are you someone who spends a lot of time cooking elaborate meals? If so, you might opt for a kitchen with plentiful counter space, cutting-edge appliances, etc. However, individuals who spend less time cooking and more time entertaining in the kitchen might want more room for a spacious dining area, or an entertainment nook. Chicago kitchen remodeling clients living near Lake Michigan might arrange the windows and the dining area to facilitate scenic lake views or city skyline vistas. And for clients with big families and/or young children, optimizing the kitchen for safety purposes and to accommodate large capacities is wise.

  • Kitchen Design – The design step of the kitchen remodeling process is driven mostly by personal taste and necessity. A Chicago Cubs fan might want their kitchen to reflect their devotion to the team, with custom floor tiles, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, cabinet handles, appliances, etc. Others might choose an ultra-modern look with stainless steel details, or prefer rustic wood cabinetry or antique marble countertops. For Chicago kitchen remodeling clients, the skyline's the limit!

After you've created a list of your kitchen remodeling priorities and goals, decided on a total remodeling budget, and chosen a trusted home contractor to put your plan into action, you're ready to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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