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corrugated roofing costs

Corrugated Roofing Costs

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Corrugated roofing may seem like an out dated roofing system, however, corrugated roofing is the most popular roofing installation in Australia and can still be found heavily throughout the Midwestern United States. Corrugated roofing costs have a wide range since corrugated roofing can be manufactured from a number of different materials such as metal, plastic, and fiberglass. The price of corrugated roofing is proportionate to the material being used. Galvanized steel, the material most commonly associated with corrugated roofing, costs anywhere between $75 and $600 per square (10 ft x 10 ft). Corrugated metal roofing costs are less expensive than other types of metal roofing because it's corrugated style is a sturdier and allows for a thinner sheet of metal to be used.

East Coast Corrugated Roofing Costs
Corrugated roofing in Pennsylvania is currently found more and more in residential and suburban areas. In just the last year, approximately 300,000 homes across the country have incorporated corrugated roofing. Pittsburgh corrugated roofing costs have been found to be as little as $50 per square for galvanized steel.

West Coast Corrugated Roofing Costs
The cost of corrugated roofing in the west coast may be great considering how much noise these roofs make. Since, they are comprised of very thin metals, a simple rainfall can turn into a symphony. The price of corrugate metal roofing may be worth it, however, because corrugated roofing is considered a "Green" building material. Seattle corrugated roofing costs are on target with national averages, but can run a little more expensive when looking for something that is eco-friendly.

Midwest Corrugated Roofing Costs
Corrugated roofing in the Midwest is still used primarily for factories and barns, but has a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Ohio corrugated roofing costs are fairy competitive because of the variety of metals and materials they can be made with. Cleveland corrugated roofing costs can be found at as little as $100 depending on the building material being used.

Southern Corrugated Roofing Costs
Corrugated metal roofing in the south always comes at a high price. Corrugated roofing becomes extremely hot in the summer time and because of this, homes with corrugated roofs need to be constructed with a false ceilings in order to ventilate the heat. Atlanta corrugated roofing costs vary depending on the material being used.