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Outdoor Home Improvements

Decks & Patios

A good contractor can help transform your worn down deck or patio into the social center of your home.


Often overlooked, maintaining or improving your roof is a high priority. Maintaining your roof is important to the aesthetic look of your house, as well as insulating and protecting the interior from the elements.


Your home's siding is its shield from the elements, so what you choose to clad your house in can be a crucial decision. Your siding should help keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter, and it needs to be able to expand and contract with those climate changes. You also want durable siding that can repel pests and insects.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool vs In-Ground Swimming Pool

The classic summertime debate rages on as we weigh whether the installation of an above ground or in-ground swimming pool makes more sense for your backyard.

Backyard Grading, Leveling and Flood Prevention Tips

Autumn is the ideal time to start preparing your yard for the coming onslaught of winter's snow and spring's rain.

Backyard Landscaping Trends

From fire pits and water fountains to everything in between, bringing your backyard into the 21st century can be a lot of fun.

Building a Backyard Soccer Field

Whether DIY or with a landscaping pro, you can create a fun, realistic soccer field experience on your very own property.

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are revolutionizing summer cookouts and adding a little fresh air to art of food preparation.

Building a Pergola: Types, Uses and Costs

Pergolas are rising in popularity as perfect, affordable outdoor additions for summer cover and shade.

Building a Rain Garden

Learn more about this clever, aesthetically pleasing way to reduce water pollution in and around your home.

Building a Stone Walkway or Path

A stone path can work wonders for both the aesthetics and functionality of your yard and gardens.

Building Your Own Rooftop Garden

A little professional help can go a long way in creating your own ecologically smart green roof.

Chicago: Backyard Ice Rinks All the Rage

Here are the basics on planning, purchasing, and installing your own custom backyard ice rink in the Chicagoland area.

Choosing a Hot Tub: One-Piece vs Wooden Staved

Which type of hot tub is right for you? The classic wooden staved hot tub or the modern unibody spa? Both have their pros and cons.

Composite Decks: A Closer Look

Whether you're building a new deck or replacing an old one, composite decking is a popular, durable and green option for outdoor home improvement.

Dream Decks: New Survey Reveals Home Owners' Ultimate Deck Ideas

Thompson Water Seal got some interesting feedback to its $15,000 dream deck renovation survey.

8 Dramatic Backyard Lighting Tips

SignatureContractors' Mitch Logan covers the basics of some of the most common and effective types of tasteful outdoor lighting, from backlighting to moonlighting.


Modern technology now makes it easy for homeowners to find a wide array of fence designs and fencing materials to fit their home and their needs.

5 Fun Backyard Winter Landscaping Tips

From progressive gardening to personal ice rinks, Signature Contractors has some great ways to bring your yard to life in the cold season.

Green Gutters

Green building trends are expanding into every portion of home remodeling, including those all important gutters and downspouts.

Gutter Installation and Repair

Gutters direct rainwater to an area where run-off damage won't be a concern. They ensure that water flows away from basements, walkways, and patios. By doing this, Gutters keep your house dry and protect your siding, windows, and foundation from disastrous water damage.

A History of Rooftop Gardens

Roof gardens are an ancient idea taking hold again for their eco-friendly benefits in the 21st century.

Holiday Helpers: Get Your Decorations and Light Display Professionally Installed

Home remodeling pros are happy to spare you the hard work, hassle, and dangers of setting up your holiday decorations and light displays this year.

How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like a backyard party around your own custom fire pit. Whether you build it the DIY way or hire a contractor to install one, here's what to know.

How to Winterize Your Roof

From preventing leaks and clogs to architectural vulnerabilities, winterizing your roof can be an involved task best handled with the assistance of a professional.

Indoor Gardening Tips and Trends

Unpleasant outdoor conditions needn't hinder you from enjoying all the benefits of a beautiful, healthy garden.

Installing a Backyard Batting Cage

Building your own batting cage for the budding Little Leaguer in your family can do wonders for his development as a hitter, and it easier and more affordable than you might think.

Installing & Cleaning Gutters: Dangers of DIY

Cleaning gutters is hard enough. A gutter repair or replacement truly requires a professional's skill.

New Trends in Home Greenhouses

From style and shape to the building materials themselves, today's home greenhouse comes in more varieties than ever before.

Modular Tile Courts Take Backyard Sports to a New Level

Signature Contractors looks at the new trend of backyard sports courts and how a pro scale basketball or tennis court could be easier to install than you think.

NiceRink: Backyard Ice Rink Installation

Bring the skating rink home with a durable, custom built Ice Rink: perfect for the young hockey player or figure skater in your family.

Resealing Asphalt Driveways

Summer is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to be proactive about your driveway...

Seasonal Landscaping

Aside from the usual design considerations like color, texture, layout, compatibility, and functionality, a good landscaper also has to remember that ultimate variable known as Mother Nature.

Solar Panel Installation & Info

The future of home improvement and the energy industry lies in green building projects, and few offer more potential than solar panels.

Some Helpful Tips for Installing a Basketball Hoop

Whether you're thinking about a simple portable basketball set-up or a more long term in-ground hoop, it's critical to have the right plan and products before installing your basket.

Tips for a Springtime Garden Makeover

Miniature ponds, patios, and outdoor kitchens are just some of the elements you can add to your rejuvenated spring garden.

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

Signature Contractors offers an introductory guide to saving money and being environmentally smart with your new pool or hot tub.

5 Fall Home Improvement Projects

Recovering from summer and preparing for winter; autumn is the perfect time to get your home in tip top condition.

5 Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring is the season of rebirth, which makes it the perfect time to give your home or yard a brand new look for the warm days ahead.

5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

Tis the season for getting those outdoor projects lined up and accomplished. The weather is cooperating, and professional landscapers, painters, and builders are ready to help you reach your goals.

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects

No matter how cold it might get in your neck of the woods, there's no reason to go into home improvement hibernation during the winter. Home remodeling is a year round business these days, and home contractors are available to help you prepare for the cold season, plan for springtime projects, and make the most of those frigid days indoors.

Top 5 Deck Building Materials

When it comes to constructing a new outdoor deck, aesthetics, cost, and environmental factors all come into play when choosing your materials.

Top 5 Driveway Materials

As extensions of your home, driveways can require a lot more attention than we realize, so choosing the best material for your driveway is quite an important decision.

Top 5 Types of Gutters for Your Home

Choosing quality gutters is an extremely important part of protecting your home from the elements. So, what do the various types of gutters have to offer?

Top 10 Advantages of Stucco

Durable and affordable, stucco might be the perfect choice for your wall, ceiling, or siding.

Your Own Backyard Gazebo

Nothing says sophistication or perfects an outdoor event quite like a classic gazebo. And as it turns out, having your own backyard gazebo installed may not be as tricky as you'd think.