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metal roofing costs

Metal Roofing Costs

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An excellent choice for both longevity and aesthetics, metal roofing includes the subcategories of steel roofing, aluminum roofing, and copper roofing. Though generally pricier than asphalt roofing, a good metal roof can pay big dividends over the long haul, no matter what region of the country you may live in.

Midwest: In tough weather towns like Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Chicago, metal roofing costs tend to range from $200 per roofing square (100 square feet) to $600 per square. For a 20 square roof, that would total out between $4,000 and $12,000 for a full metal roof. These costs vary depending on the type of metal, of course, with aluminum roofing being a popular more affordable choice, and steel and copper roofing topping out in the higher ranges. Metal roofing costs in Chicago, of course, are always going to be higher than your typical metal roofing costs in Kansas, Indiana, and other more generally rural areas of the Midwest.

South: A number of factors effect the cost of metal roofing in Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and other Southern cities. For example, in New Orleans, metal roofing costs will tend to be higher than the national average, thanks to the higher demand for metal roof stability in hurricane threatened areas. Meanwhile, the cost of metal roofing in Houston, Dallas and other Texas cities, often in the $400-$700 per square range, can be counterbalanced by a major decrease in home owner's insurance, sometimes as much as 30-35 percent!

West Coast: Like most types of roofing construction in Los Angeles, metal roofing costs tend to be higher than in much of the country. As another example, the cost of steel roofing in San Diego or San Francisco might cost you $500-$600 per square, as opposed to the $300-$500 per square steel roofing costs in Pittsburgh or Milwaukee. California's vulnerability to mudslides, earthquakes, and fires certainly is another factor in these cost differences.

East Coast: As you would expect, weather is a major factor in East Coast roofing costs. New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., get their fair share of nasty weather, and few cities suffer winter's effects quite like Buffalo and Boston. Metal roofing costs, due to these climate conditions along much of the U.S. East Coat, will tend to be a little more expensive than for cities more inland. For example, in and around Boston, metal roofing costs may average out around $300 per roofing square. This rate varies depending on the type of metal roof, of course. Aluminum roofing in New York may set you back close to $400 per square, and a well constructed copper roof in Philadelphia might cost as much $1,000 per square. To fight the elements and get the quality roofing material built to last, metal roofing costs shouldn't deter you.