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flat roofing costs

Rubber Roofing Costs

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Once predominantly associated with commercial construction, rubber roofing has become increasingly popular for residential buildings, as well. An alternative to flat roofing built from asphalt and gravel, rubber or membrane roofing help prevent the leaks associated with asphalt roofing, while also maintaining a more stable interior temperature during both the summer and winter.

Midwest: As one of the more affordable roofing options out there, rubber roofing costs in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, and Cincinnati are pretty consistent across the board. Rolled out over hot tar, quality rubber roofing will prevent leaks better than non-tar overlapping, or "roll roofing" (which doesn't create a stable "membrane"). Because it is usually seen with mobile homes and smaller structures with flat roofs, a Kansas City or Minneapolis rubber roofing price will usually land somewhere between $1500 and $3000 for a 200-300 square foot roof.

South: For storm-vulnerable home owners in Atlanta, Miami, and New Orleans, rubber roofing, while inferior to metal roofing, may help seal off some of the water leaks that asphalt roofing sometimes allows. As an added benefit, the low price of membrane roofing gives home owners a relatively low-stress means of improving the quality of their roof, with costs often staying under $2000 for a full installation.

West Coast: Rubber roofing in Seattle can keep the rain at bay, and in San Diego and Los Angeles, rubber roofing has helped many home owners keep cool in the California heat. Costlier than the national averages, a small house or mobile home can still be upgraded, for a reasonable $1,500-$3,000, to quality membrane roofing.

East Coast: These days, new technological advances have made the materials in rubber roofing more durable than ever before, leading to a continued emergence of rubber roofing in Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore, and other regions out East. With rubber roofing costs as affordable as they are, it's all the more reason to spend a little extra to have a professional handle the installation. While many people can take the DIY approach with rubber roofing, New York roofers and roofing contractors, as well in those in every Eastern city, will guarantee that you get your money's worth.