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Permit Services

When homeowners, subcontractors or home remodelers undertake a significant commercial or residential construction project, building and/or construction permits are often required to complete the job. Not only are there specific types of permits required for each construction project, the laws surrounding them can change by region and even by city.

Permit expediting services can be extremely helpful in getting your contracting project underway, whether you're a homeowner attempting a DIY renovation job, or a local subcontractor who needs a special permit to finish a commercial building project. Permits are often required for tasks such as new home construction, large land excavations, home additions, new fences or retaining walls of a certain height and size, and repairs or replacement of major plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. Homeowners wanting to install new lawn irrigation systems, swimming pools, and even new doors and windows may also require building permits.

Hiring a professional permit expediter could make all the difference in avoiding consternation and setbacks with your home improvement project. Not only can they help you manage and understand all the permit requirements for your project, they can explain the purpose and necessity of each one and ensure nothing important gets overlooked. A permit expediter will also oversee and coordinate all the tedious paperwork that's necessary for obtaining a construction permit, including submittals, fee information and approvals. Contact us today to find permit expediting services in your area!

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