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Green Building

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  • Green Building and sustainable building are among the fastest growing trends in the construction industry. Green building focuses on using environmentally friendly materials, improving energy and resource efficiency, and reducing waste and negative impacts to both people's health and nature. Green contractors are recognized for their adherence to one or more of these criteria in their building services. Some common green certifications that contractors and home remodelers hold include:

    • Energy Star: a program that focuses on improving heating and cooling energy efficiency in new or remodeled homes

    • Green Building: general certification determined by federal or state-based green construction requirements

    • LEED program: short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED certification is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council to new homes determined to be in the country's top quarter percentage of classified green homes.

    Some might even say that Design/Build programs or Owner/Builder programs can be considered green building services, since they tend to reduce labor and operating costs and cut down on the construction process in general.

    Green building isn't just an environmentally friendly way of achieving your home improvement goals through green construction. Constantly developing in terms of new resources and building technology, green building methods like straw house construction are keeping quality and innovation on par with their eco-friendly perks. Contact us to find a certified green home contractor in your area!


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