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Precast Design and Installation

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  • Precast designs, typically made of concrete, are a very popular trend in residential and commercial contracting and remodeling. Manufactured at a precast plant, concrete designs are first cast in a reusable mold, and then cured within the plant's controlled environment. After the concrete has been cured correctly, the product is transported to the construction site and installed. Precast concrete is commonly used in architectural precast designs for new homes, such as for foundations, walls, beams, etc. Precast designs are also popularly implemented in agricultural structures, retaining walls, public transportation systems and more.

    Benefits to using precast concrete and stone designs include the improved quality of the materials, the increased efficiency in project completion rates, and the greater control contractors have over the construction process itself. If you'd like to learn more about precast design and installation, or want to obtain an estimate for precast concrete installation in your area, contact our customer representatives today!

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