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steel roofing costs

Steel Roofing Costs

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Steel roofing has long been one of the most trusted types of metal roofing available, whether its galvanized steel, stone-coated steel, or stainless steel roofing. Remarkably resistant to wear and extreme weather, steel roofs require expert installation, and will cost you more than asphalt roofing. Still, they can prove to be the wiser economic choice as the years move on.

Midwest: The costs of steel roofing in Chicago and other major Midwestern cities will depend, first and foremost, on the type of steel being used. Whether you're in Milwaukee, Cleveland, or St. Louis, steel roofing costs can range from $200 per square (100 square feet) for galvanized steel, to over $300 per square for stone coated steel roofing and more than twice that amount for elite, stainless steel roofing. Costs in Chicago, naturally, will also be higher than in rural communities.

South: As mentioned in the metal roofing section, purchasing a steel roof in Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio can save you a lot of money, thanks to corresponding home owner's insurance savings in Texas. Meanwhile, the closer your city is to a coast, i.e., New Orleans or Miami, steel roofing costs will rise accordingly, due to the need for stability in the face of tropical storms and hurricanes.

West Coast: The cost of steel roofing in San Diego or San Francisco might cost you $500-$600 per square, which is more than you're likely to pay for steel roofing in Pittsburgh or Milwaukee. The same can be said about steel roofing costs in Los Angeles, where the threat of mudslides, wildfires, and earthquakes squeezes the already pricey California market. However, considering the strength of steel roofing, it's still a worthwhile choice if it fits your budget.

East Coast: Aside from the high-end cost of stainless steel roofing, most steel roofing costs in Boston, Buffalo, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and other Eastern cities fall between $250 per square (galvanized steel roofing) and $400 per square (stone coated steel), on average. In New York City, steel roofing is very popular, both for its strength, weather resistance, and long lasting beauty. The cost of steel roofing in New York, however, will be even higher than the typical rates for the winter-ready East Coast.