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Architecture Services

Architects have played a primary role throughout human history. Great structures can be looked upon as cultural symbols and even works of art. Civilizations rise and fall, and are remembered through their architectural achievements because sometimes it's only the buildings that remain.

5 Home Design Trends for 2012

Signature Contractors previews the next wave of popular home design projects you'll be hearing about in 2012.

Net Zero Energy Homes

Some home owners are taking energy conservation to a whole new level, turning their houses into perfect net-zero energy abodes.

End of the McMansion Era

The bubble may have burst on giant, cookie cutter, mega-houses, but that doesn't mean smaller homes can't have a bit of luxury.

Building a Sphere House

They may look a tad strange at first, but spherical pod-like houses could be the eco-smart way of the future.

Chicagoland Architecture

In a city with as much history and expanse as Chicago, any attempt at defining a single, unifying architectural theme proves pretty impossible and short-sighted. No matter where the train takes you or what suburb you live in, there's always another remarkable bit of architecture waiting around the corner in Chicagoland.