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Aluminum Siding Costs

Aluminum Siding Costs

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Aluminum siding is easier than wood to apply and maintain, but can create the look of natural wood. The prices of aluminum siding run higher than vinyl siding, but is more energy efficient. Many homeowners in colder climates choose aluminum siding for the savings in heating costs. The average cost of aluminum siding is $300-500 per square (100 square feet). Many factors can influence the cost of aluminum siding, as well as the cost of labor.

1. Attributes of the siding:
Your aluminum siding cost will depend on the actual siding. Quality, color, durability, style, thickness, vendor, and manufacturer will all impact the cost of aluminum siding.

2. The size of the project:
More area to cover equals more siding to purchase, so the size of the area you plan to side will affect the overall price of your aluminum siding project.

3. The rates of your contractor:
Your aluminum siding project prices will depend on your contractor. Contractor fees vary, and it is important to make sure that you consider the contractor’s experience and history of success when you consider how much he or she charges. Cheap does not guarantee quality.

4. Regional differences:
The cost of your aluminum siding project will vary according to your region. For instance, contractors earn more in certain areas, particularly where the cost of living is higher. In addition, the types of aluminum siding necessary for your project may vary depending on the harshness of the weather in your area.

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