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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

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Originally developed in the 1950's, vinyl siding currently stands as the most popular type of home exterior material in the United States, ahead of stucco, brick, wood, and aluminum siding. Not surprisingly, vinyl siding costs also tend to be the most affordable in the industry, with materials and labor setting homeowners back less than $200 in U.S. national averages.


Clearly, the aforementioned cost and availability of vinyl siding is tough to beat, but there are many other benefits, as well. Proponents of vinyl note that, unlike alternatives such as wood siding, there is no need for painting or consistent maintenance with vinyl siding. Vinyl is also a very versatile substance. Depending on your preferences and the manufacturer you purchase from, vinyl siding can vary considerably in thickness (.35 mil to .52 mil), profiles (panels, shingles, scallops, etc.), color (you name it), and finishes (including wood-like textures). Durability and weather resistance are also selling points for vinyl siding, which can successfully handle both extreme heat and cold.


While it's true that vinyl siding doesn't require paints or stains, it's not entirely maintenance free. Annual washings are still necessary, and some vinyl siding is vulnerable to harsh winds, as well as moisture building up under panels, leading to potential wall decay. There have even been reports of possible long term health and environmental risks tied to the manufacturing and disposal of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the primary ingredient in vinyl siding, although vinyl siding itself is not believed to pose any health risks to homeowners.

Generally, vinyl siding is a fine choice for obvious reasons. It's a material that can mimic its competitors while costing less and requiring less regular maintenance. Whether it's truly as durable or aesthetically pleasing as real wood or brick, however, is another story.

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