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Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation

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Technically speaking, a home theater system is any combination of electronic components designed to recreate the movie theater experience. So, if you hooked up your mother's old TV to a jacked up stereo it could be deemed a home theater, but we both know this isn't a real modern day home theater.

A true home theater array is more than even the best high-quality video output combined with 11 speaker surround sound because a true home theater is more than just hardware, it has the atmosphere of a movie theater. It has the ability to transcend your surroundings.

A home theater system can add value to your unfinished basement and give your teenage kids a safe place to hang out. Despite your reason for building a home theater, it can be a great improvement to the quality of life in any household. Let your younger children have movie party sleepovers, or watch a romantic movie with your honey once the kids have gone to bed.

For a lower cost than you would think, a qualified contractor can reproduce the experience and ambiance of the movies in your very own home. Packages that are available include equipment selection and installation, wiring, lighting, and even interior design suggestions.

A contractor or can really help you out in making a "room" a "theater." The environment is just as important as the components. For your home theater remodel you may want to choose a spot where there are absolutely no interruptions: no foot traffic, phone calls, or blenders from the kitchen unless someone's making movie treats. In that case, blend away! So, find a room that is situated in a secluded part of your home if that's your preference. Or perhaps you'd like to have convenient access for supervisory purposes.

Many higher end home theaters even have sound insulation to keep noise from escaping or coming in. More important than where you choose to build your home theater, is how your home theater is set up. Pay careful attention to the placement of your display and your speakers, in order to fully optimize their power.

With so many brands and so many options, choosing the right home theater components can be difficult. The best advice for a killer system would be, whatever you choose to buy, plasma or LCD, Blu-ray or HD DVD, don't cheap out. If you purchase the best equipment it will last you much longer and save you money in the long run.

Some home theaters include a PC to function as a library for your video content. Some are completely wireless. The biggest choice you'll have to make though is selecting your high-definition television: plasma vs. LCD. Plasmas are bigger and cheaper, have brighter colors, much better contrast, and better viewing angles; virtually every seat in the house is a good seat. However, they have significantly shorter lifespans often blacking out after 30,000 hours of viewing (LCD guarantees 60,000) and they have a tendency to suffer from screen burn or ghost image. LCDs have better a screen resolution for all you hi-def junkies and are generally lighter making them much easier for wall mounts. LCDs are also more expensive and sometimes blur images during fast paced movie scenes.

The home theater experience is completely contingent upon your imagination.

Anything is possible!

You can buy all kinds of wonderful finishing touches like comfortable movie theater style seats, popcorn machines, authentic light fixtures, a bar and mini fridge for your candy stash, even a membership to Netflix can keep those DVD's coming. Some men dream of world peace, others dream of watching movies on a really great home set up. Personally I like movies!

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