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Chicago Roofing Costs

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If you live in Chicago, or surrounding areas, such as Evanston, Elgin, Niles, or Wheaton, you know that weather takes a toll on your roof. Naturally, roofing costs, in terms of repairs, are higher in areas like Chicago, which experience extreme temperatures and severe weather. Drastic temperature changes, limbs crashing through roofs during ice storms, and leaks from heavy rain will often force you to invest more money in your Chicago roof than, say, North Carolina homeowners would in theirs.

Climate considerations are a vital factor in Chicago roofing costs, not just when considering repairs, but when considering the sturdiest options to withstand the weather. Materials range greatly in price, and the sturdiest of materials will usually cost more. Metal roofs—the most sturdy for harsh-- climate areas-— can run upwards of $700 per roofing square (100 square feet) in Chicago. Other materials, such as rubber, asphalt, wood, tile, or combination materials also vary greatly in price. It is important not to skimp on materials by selecting something just because it’s cheap, even if you're considering a move in the near future (quality roofing can add a great deal to the resale value of a home).

In addition to materials, the size of the roof will obviously impact your Chicago roofing costs. One positive factor in Chicago roofing costs is that many homeowners have smaller roofs, particularly those living in the metropolitan area, where homes are often smaller than in the suburbs. Less square footage means fewer supplies and man hours. Other cost factors include the cost of removing an existing roof, the time of year in which the labor occurs (with winter through early spring being the cheapest), the pitch of the roof (the steeper the pitch, the more difficult it is to work on), and the accessibility of your roof.

Because the Chicago area operates on a higher cost of living, the price for materials and labor for a new roof, or roof repairs, will likely run higher than the costs in most other areas of the country. Contractor fees will also vary, and may be significantly different in Chicago than in surrounding areas like Deerfield, Northbrook, Libertyville, Skokie, Buffalo Grove, or Aurora. In short, Chicago roofing costs are going to be very different depending on your situation and your contractor. We can help you learn more about how much your Chicago roof will cost by providing three projected estimates absolutely free, and setting up a private project assessment with one of our licensed roofing contractors. Our Chicagoland roofing contractors are licensed and certified as proven pros in their field.

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