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How to Winterize Your Roof

How to Winterize Your Roof

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When preparing your home to withstand the harshness of winter, the roof should top your priority list, no pun intended. The last thing you want is a snow-laden roof that leaks, lets in cold air, or worse yet, breaks down entirely. Here are some tips for winterizing your roof thoroughly and effectively.

First, winterize your roof by cleaning out your gutters completely, preferably with the assistance of a professional. A home contractor can help you safely complete the project, giving you the piece of mind that no unexpected clogs might emerged when the ice and snow make any further DIY gutter cleaning extremely difficult. Obviously, if the eaves are clogged before it starts snowing, there will be no place for the water to go during thaws.

Free up space around your roof by trimming and pruning trees. One nasty winter storm might be all it takes to send those limbs flying onto—-or through—-your roof, causing major damage, and costing you a chunk of money in repairs. In addition, if there’s a dead tree you’ve been meaning to cut down, do it now, before the ice and gusting winter winds make it an endangerment.

Have crinkled caulking replaced, and secure any loose flashing. Both of these steps can reduce the possibility of leakage. And securing your flashing can ensure that you won’t be awoken during a windy winter night by the loud clanging of metal against your roof or chimney.

Speaking of the chimney, make sure it’s cleaned out and ready for use. Your chimney should be cleaned twice a year to prevent fires. If you don’t know how to clean it, or simply don’t want to, a contractor or professional chimney sweep can get the job done. Also, be sure to stockpile your firewood and store it someplace cool and dry.

Finally, winterize your roof by checking for any problem areas on the interior. Look for any ceiling staining, and check for moisture in your crawlspace or attic. Be on the lookout for mold, or wood warping. Not confident about your ability to spot trouble areas? You guessed it, a home contractor does that stuff for a living. And the piece of mind that comes with having your roof and gutters fully inspected certainly comes in handy during those long winter months.

With these simple steps, you’ll help to ensure that your family stays safe and dry this winter. To learn more about winterizing your roof, or other areas of your home, or for solutions to major roofing problems, set up a consultation with one of our skilled contractors by contacting us via the form or phone number on this page.

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