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Ask how long the contractor has been in business.

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What should I ask my contractor? Be sure you're choosing a legitimate professional contractor Verify that you're choosing an insured contractor Is the contractor licensed? Check for Certification Request a list of references. Don't make a hiring decision based solely on low price. You're not the only one doing the qualifying! Ask the references the right questions. DO NOT be afraid to speak up. Home Remodeling Gift Cards from SignatureForum How to Spot a Scam Contractor

Of course, someone who is more experienced in their trade is always going to be more reliable. The measurement for an experienced contractor is usually about 5 years in business. Anyone with less experience should be researched with extra care.

Check references thoroughly, paying attention to how long ago the work was completed. A recommendation from the owner of a recent project can certainly be valuable in terms of the contractor's team, work ethic, and dynamic with the owner. But a long term reference really proves the durability and performance of the contractor's work.