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Ask the references the right questions.

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What should I ask my contractor? Be sure you're choosing a legitimate professional contractor Verify that you're choosing an insured contractor Is the contractor licensed? Ask how long the contractor has been in business. Check for Certification Request a list of references. Don't make a hiring decision based solely on low price. You're not the only one doing the qualifying! DO NOT be afraid to speak up. Home Remodeling Gift Cards from SignatureForum How to Spot a Scam Contractor
  • Was the contractor able to stay pretty close to or within the original estimated budget?
  • Were you happy with the timeliness of the contractor? Did the job stay on track?
  • If any problems came up during the project, how did the contractor handle them?
  • Were you comfortable with the subcontractors and other team members who worked with this contractor?
  • Did you feel the work was of high quality?
  • How did you hear of this contractor?
  • Was this contractor on the site very often? If not, was he easily located when you needed him?
  • Would you choose this contractor for any future work on your house?
  • Was there anything throughout the process that you doubted or were unhappy with? Did you express this at the time? How did the contractor respond?

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