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Request a list of references.

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What should I ask my contractor? Be sure you're choosing a legitimate professional contractor Verify that you're choosing an insured contractor Is the contractor licensed? Ask how long the contractor has been in business. Check for Certification Don't make a hiring decision based solely on low price. You're not the only one doing the qualifying! Ask the references the right questions. DO NOT be afraid to speak up. Home Remodeling Gift Cards from SignatureForum How to Spot a Scam Contractor

This is especially valuable to your decision-making process. It's important that you not feel timid about requesting this list, and moreover, that you actually research the references. Take the time to call several of them and even schedule a visit to their property if possible.

Be sure you're not just researching recent references, but also homeowners whose work was completed at least 3 years ago. This will help you to guage both the contractor's work ethic and the type of relationship he builds with his homeowners, as well as the quality and durability of his work.

The time spent on ensuring that you're making the right contractor choice will pay off in the value of quality, long-lasting work.