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10 Energy Efficient Home Lighting Options

10 Energy Efficient Home Lighting Options

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by Kate Blair

With lighting accounting for around 20% of the average energy bill, it is no surprise that Americans are becoming increasingly receptive to new lighting options. This being the case, merely tweaking a few details might be all you need to save money on your energy bill. Indeed, incandescent bulbs may soon be a thing of the past, as new efficient bulbs come on the market. From a simple bulb update to an introduction of more natural lighting in the home, here are 10 ways to increase the energy efficiency of the lighting in your home.

Compact Florescent lights or CFLs, with their trademark soft-serve like twist, use up to two thirds less energy than an old fashioned incandescent, and last up to 10 times longer, for virtually the same price. In the past, these could be inconveniently sized, making it difficult to utilize them in every light source. Happily, this is no longer the case. You should have no problem finding a CFL to fit your lighting needs.

LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are another energy efficient alternative. Unlike incandescents, these function by moving electrons through semi conductor material. The result is crisp light without unnecessary heat generation. While still costly, they pay off with their longevity—the longest by far of any other bulb-type.

For the traditionalist still attached to incandescent bulbs, Halogen is a good way to begin cutting energy usage. This bulb is, essentially, an incandescent bulb infused with halogen. It reduces energy use by around 10 percent, while producing a similar kind of light to an incandescent.

Bulbs are just the first step in the process. It also might be wise to install motion sensors, which will turn on an off by necessity, alleviating the burden of scolding forgetful housemates about turning off the lights when they are finished. These are especially useful out of doors.

Dimmers are another smart energy saver. Not only do dimmers make your lighting more versatile, but they also allow you to use less electricity when the lights are dimmed. As a result, less energy is used. Unfortunately, these are best used with your leftover incandescent bulbs, as there are potential safety hazards associated with using a dimmer and a CFL together.

Solar powered lights are a nice outdoor accent. These rely totally on the sun’s energy to recharge, making them a painless way to illuminate the front or back yard at night.

Of course, while the power of the sun can be harnessed as energy, the sun itself is the most energy efficient light source there is. Natural light is a mood enhancer, and it is virtually free! When it is light outside, simply turn the lights off and let your windows light your rooms for you. Try installing a skylight, with an energy efficient window, of course. For more experimental types, you might even try a solar tube, which utilizes its interior reflective surface to bring the sun where it is needed. Similarly, a wisely placed mirror can work wonders when it comes to lighting an interior space.

Find out more about contemporary ecofriendly lighting options or schedule a free installation estimate by contacting us today.

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