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Bathroom Faucets and Sinks

Bathroom Faucets and Sinks

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There are many great benefits to having an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, which is why it's great to be creative and stylish with your bathroom remodeling choices. However, when it comes down to it, the bathroom's major purpose will always be the same. It's not a room for eating, socializing, or exercise; it's a place to get clean! Everything else, from mood lighting to hot tubs to mounted televisions, is just icing on the cake. The goal is cleanliness, and for as much use as your shower, tub, and toilet may get, its the bathroom sink and faucet that are really the center of activity during your pre-work and pre-sleep preparations. Fortunately, whether you're a traditionalist or a forward thinker, there's a bathroom faucet and sink design just right for you.

A classic white porcelain sink is always a solid, affordable choice for your bathroom. They come in many sizes and shapes and can be built into a bathroom counter top, mounted to the wall, or built on a pedestal, freestanding.

Bathroom sinks can also be designed and built directly into your solid surface bathroom counter tops. Counter sinks vary in price depending on the materials used and whether you elect to use a pre-determined design or a custom layout. Custom sinks can also be built into the tops of adapted pieces of furniture like small tables or bureaus, though such designs can involve somewhat complicated plumbing alterations.

Vessel sinks are alternatives to those built-in, under-counter sink bowls, and sit above the counter top. Copper vessel sinks and stone vessel sinks are quite popular, and even glass vessels are becoming an increasingly common stylistic choice for more modern bathrooms. In fact, even polished and coated wood sinks are popping up in remodeled bathrooms these days, helping to add to a room's relaxed, natural feel. These wood and glass bathroom sinks can tend to be a bit pricier, however.

On the faucet front, bathroom faucets are much like kitchen faucets in that there are number of sleek and traditional designs out there. Your choice will usually boil down to personal aesthetic preferences, but there are faucets designed to work better with vessel sinks, and certain sinks that might benefit from a double-handle faucet, instead of a single. It's wise to discuss both faucet and sink options with your bathroom remodeling contractor or plumber, to make sure that you're creating a sink station that is both stylish AND user-friendly.

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