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Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

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Part of any smart bathroom remodeling plan is to put as much thought into what won't be seen as what will. Depending on how many people use the bathroom, or how many towels, cosmetics, and other toiletries you happen to own, you're going to need a corresponding amount of storage space to keep items handy without being in the way or diminishing the room's aesthetics. Bathroom vanities, shelving units, and cabinets tend to get lost in the shuffle far too often during a bathroom remodeling project, and many homeowners don't realize it until much later, when there's no place to put a fresh stack of washcloths or a waste basket.

A bathroom vanity design can become the focal point of a bathroom remodel, so put plenty of thought into what kind of aesthetic your want to represent. Many homeowners like to go with an old fashioned, European antique style look in their vanities, while others prefer a more metallic, modern look. The important thing is that your bathroom vanities bring out the best elements of your bathroom's design and colors, rather than clashing with them.

From a functionality standpoint, a vanity sink might be a good call, especially for a smaller bathroom. Similarly, try to think of ways to maximize storage capacity in your cabinets or open shelving units without detracting from the bathroom counter space or easy access to the shower, toilet, and sinks. The classic glass cabinet works great when it doubles as a mirror above the sink, and the wall space above the toilet can serve as a good location for a mounted storage cabinet, too. Talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about the best way to optimize your bathroom cabinetry and vanities, and don't hesitate to give yourself a little more space than you might originally calculate. Households do tend to grow!

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