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Installing a Bathroom Vanity: The Smart Way

Installing a Bathroom Vanity: The Smart Way

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Installing a vanity in your bathroom can change it from a utilitarian water-closet to a beautiful room that is as much a conversation piece as your bedroom or den. The vanity combines mirrors, sinks, and counter, cabinet and drawer space in an elegant and well-lit manner. It is far from the easiest project, however. In this article, we’ll walk you through the main steps, so you can learn how to install a new bathroom vanity.


Time to say goodbye to the old, dirty, tiny sink and cramped cabinet. What you will have to do is disconnect the pipe after turning it off (we’ll get more into the plumbing in the next section). Remove the sink first. These can be recycled or sold for scrap. When dismantling the cabinet, make sure you do so thoroughly, as you don’t want to leave molding or nails to get in the way of your new vanity. Keep in mind that you don’t have to dismantle the entire cabinet- it can be used elsewhere, even as a secondary one in the same bathroom.


When looking at your cabinet, your thoughts are probably on how to install the actual frame, but in many ways the plumbing is the most difficult part. You first step will be to turn off all the water, from the main valve and then drain from the lowest faucet in the house (this should of course be done before you remove the old sink). Here is where it gets tricky. Many new vanities have more than one sink, so you will have to purchase different kinds of piping to accommodate the new system. This is where you may want to use the help of a certified plumber.


The sink-top is what people will see first when they go into your bathroom, and it is what you’ll be looking at every day. It might be the first thing you really see in the morning, so choose carefully! These days, the most popular tops are marble or granite. These are striking, long-lasting and low-maintenance. You’ll feel refreshed just looking at them. If you have concerns about how to install them, consider contacting a licensed marble and granite installer.


Everyone wants extra cabinet space. You can put in them all your shaving implements, hair dryers, makeup, toiletries- anything you want. If you are building your own, bear in mind it isn’t just building a box. In addition to the shelves, drawers and doors, you have two things to keep in mind. The first, of course, is matching it with the sink and sink-top you have picked, to fit in with the general aesthetic of the bathroom. The second factor is aligning it properly with the pipes, both the input and output valves, and the sink itself. Even the slightest deviation could result in a major headache. For help with this, feel free to talk to a cabinetry expert.


OK, well, here is the hard part. Install the cabinet to the wall and secure it using the wall studs. Now you have to make sure it the intake/outtake valves clear any drawers or shelves. Run a bead of silicone along the top and place the sink on top, making sure it is straight and level. Hook up the supply lines to the hot and cold shut-off valves and tighten compression nuts with a wrench, then hook up the new drain assembly to your old drain pipe. Make sure all the connections are tight. Attach the top of the vanity (the mirror, in some cases) to the wall. And there! You have a brand new bathroom!

Of course, that last step is a lot harder than the above paragraph made it seem. The work is worth it if you have the time and the money, and expertise to do it correctly, as it will improve both your daily life and the resale value of your house. One thing all new buyers are looking for is a modern master bathroom, and the vanity is a key component. If you are unsure of how to do it yourself, a certified contractor can help you throughout all the steps.

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