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Showers and Shower Doors

Showers and Shower Doors

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A bathroom remodeling scheme tends to revolve around the shower stall and/or bath tub, as choices involving the size and style of this unit will play a key role in how the rest of the bathroom lines up. When selecting your shower type, it's usually wise to be practical, even in the context of your "dream" shower. For instance, if you love the idea of a large, walk-in shower, but also like to take the occasional bath, you may be costing yourself a lot of extra money in construction and plumbing by having a separate tub and shower, not to mention taking up a lot of space that could be used for bathroom sinks or cabinetry. This is why, for smaller bathrooms, many homeowners still elect to go with the all-in-one shower and bathtub. There is still plenty of room for creativity within this unit, such as selecting a stone interior rather than the traditional tile, porcelain, or plastic surface. You might also have a stylish glass shower door installed in place of a simple shower curtain.

In all-one-units, your main advantage is that the shower head can share its plumbing directly with that of the tub. This means you can buy very affordable push-on or bath/shower mixers that connect straight to the bath tap, allowing you to adjust the shower head temperatures via the bathtub knobs. You also have the option of going with a self-contained "power shower" or electric shower, which use their own electric energy to heat water derived from a main cold water supply.

Of course, if you want to save more space, or if you just aren't a bath-taking kind of person, an independent shower can be a great idea for your bathroom remodel. And it doesn't have to be small, either. In fact, once you've spoken to your bathroom remodeling contractor and/or plumber about the potential plumbing plan for your new shower, the rest of the design should be about creating an environment that gives you a sense of comfort and happiness. A stylistic or atmospheric theme is one option, such as a rainforest motif, but simplicity can also go along way in some instances. Along with the bedroom, the bathroom is your most personal room in the house; a place to escape and wash away the stress of the day. This makes it all the more important to make your remodeled bathroom a place in which you feel at ease. So think about the colors, shapes, and materials you feel most in tune with, and use those as the foundation for your bathroom remodeling plan.

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