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Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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More and more, the bathroom is becoming a haven for Americans—- a nook for relaxation and time alone, where they can escape the pressures of the day. Many of the features in our top ten bathroom remodeling trends reflect the fact that people are “getting away” by retreating to the calming space of the bathroom, whether through small changes or lavish remodeling schemes or features.

Heated Bathroom Flooring
Radiant floor heating is certainly a luxury when stepping out of the bath on a cold winter night. While installing radiant heating may require more money up front, the benefit of floor heating extends beyond warm toes to economic benefits. Once floor tiles heat up, they continue emitting heat long after the radiant elements have shut off.

TV in the Bathroom
What could be more decadent than watching the big game or your favorite romantic movie while soaking in the tub? Installing flat screen televisions into bathroom walls is a growing trend for those who want to bring entertainment into the bathroom.

Advanced Shower Heads
Filtering showerheads have become a popular option after claims of softer, healthier hair. In addition, double showerheads have become a major trend in bathrooms.

Bathroom Mirror Trends
Using multiple mirrors to create the illusion of greater space continues to be a popular choice for those with small bathrooms. What’s the trend in mirrors? Artistic mirror effects such as piecing together smaller mirrors, or different shaped mirrors, or those framed in wood are becoming more and more popular.

Bathroom Building Material Trend: Wood
As more homeowners strive to recreate the spa experience, bathrooms are transforming. Wood used in furniture, to frame mirrors, and even tubs encased in wooden frames are becoming more and more popular. Wood helps dampen the cold, hard, echoing effect bathrooms can sometimes create, and make it a more inviting space.

Bathroom Color Trends
Bathroom colors are increasingly neutral—beiges, olives, and pale tones. This reinforces the calm, spa-like feel of the modern bathroom and allows for smaller accent pieces to bring color to the room.

Vertical Spas
Vertical spas use water jets in your shower to focus on muscle groups in your body. It’s like getting a massage in your shower. If you’re going for the ultimate in-home spa experience, this bathroom trend is as good as it gets!

Soft Lighting
Lighting trends for bathrooms are involving multiple light systems: bright, natural lighting for things like applying makeup, and softer light (even dimming switches) for nighttime relaxation.

Artistic Sinks
As individuals spend more time in their bathrooms, it is becoming more important for sinks, like mirrors, to be aesthetically pleasing. In this way, custom sink and countertop designs are increasingly en vogue.

Green Bathrooms Catching On
With growing awareness of the environment, many consumers are starting to invest in more environmentally-friendly bathroom features. Low-flow toilets, energy efficient lighting, and sustainable building products are popular green bathroom design elements.

If you have been thinking about creating a more relaxing or luxurious bathroom space, scheduling an assessment with a qualified contractor is an excellent place to start. During your consultation you will be able to discuss the best options for your space, and how to achieve your bathroom remodeling goals. Contact us today at Signature Contractors to get paired up with one or more top bathroom remodeling contractors in your area!

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