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Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

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One of the major factors in determining the cost and effectiveness of your bathroom remodeling project will be the placement and/or installation of bathroom plumbing fixtures.

On one end of the spectrum, you can save a considerable amount of money by adapting your new shower, toilet, or sinks to the plumbing that's already been in place in your previous bathroom. On the other end, considerable plumbing alterations are often required for the majority of bathroom remodeling projects to be truly rewarding.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget just how essential proper plumbing is when you're designing your ideal walk-in shower or contemplating a new, more convenient location for a sink. Fortunately, your bathroom remodeling contractor or plumbing specialist has the ability to make just about any arrangement work. The choice you face is whether the benefits of major plumbing changes are worth the added cost.

Having your shower and bathtub as one unit is certainly a simpler plumbing solution than separating the two, as the shower head can connect directly to the bathtub faucet and water supply. However, depending on the location of your home's water source and the size of your bathroom, your home contractor could very well have the skills to get an independent shower stall operational without a great deal of effort.

Once you've decided on the general layout of your bathroom, you'll want to focus on creating a visual cohesiveness with all your plumbing fixtures. Even subtle similarities in your bathroom faucets help to bring a room together. Your shower head, bathtub faucet, and sink faucets and handles can even inspire your choices in other parts of the bathroom, such as towel racks and vanities.

Furthermore, knowing where your fixtures will be located doesn't mean you don't have options on how they'll be installed. You might decide a free-standing or wall-mounted sink would free up some space. Chances are this won't require a great deal of plumbing changes. The goal is to balance practical strategy with creativity and uniformity. When done, your remodeled bathroom should look like a complete concept, rather than many separate ideas thrown together.

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