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10 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space

10 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space

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by Gary K. Johnson

Kitchen space is one of those rare commodities that you never seem to have enough of. A disorganized or cluttered kitchen can make cooking and preparing food a chore. Fortunately, the kitchen remodeling pros at Signature Contractors have 10 easy ways to maximize the space in your kitchen.

Think Outside the Box

It’s important to look at all the space in your kitchen, not just cabinets and drawers. Just because a surface is not horizontal doesn’t mean you can’t hang something there, as long as it doesn’t obstruct a walking space or threaten to give you a concussion. Areas under shelves, on walls, even on the ceiling are all prime empty spaces that may be going to waste.

On the Hook

There is a wide variety of self-adhering hooks available on the market. Hooks can be attached to walls behind the sink, next to the stove, or even inside cabinet doors. They can be used to hang towels, oven mitts, or pans that would otherwise be occupying valuable countertop or cabinet space. For the hook-happy out there, there are also hooked racks and pegboards available.

Makeshift Compartments

Stacking cutting boards and cookie sheets usually leaves unused space at the top of the cabinet. Organize that pantry shelf with a series of spring-loaded rods. Placing two or three of them in a row will form a very useful makeshift compartment.

Wall Mount

Wall-mounted spice racks and wine racks, and even pots-and-pans racks are an excellent way to save valuable cabinet space, provided you’ve got the free wall space for them. Most wine racks hold the bottles flat against the walls sideways to keep them out of the way while granting easy access. Before hammering nails or driving screws into your walls, make sure you know what your walls are made of as well as the proper techniques to avoid nasty cracks and chips.

Plastic organizers, dividers, and compartments

A messy drawer is a massive space waster. If you use a plastic organizer or divider for your silverware, utensils, and other kitchen tools, you’ll find space you never knew you had.

Portable Islands

Kitchens without enough floor space for an immobile island would be well-suited to a rolling kitchen cart or trolley, provided you’ve got the room to store it. Purchasing one with cabinets and drawers will save the space you lost in cart storage, and the counter space you gain makes it worthwhile. They sometimes come with panels that flip up to afford you even more space to prepare food. Add a stool and you can even put away the dining room table.

Add shelves to your Shelves

Mesh wire baskets are another great way to add space. Cookbooks, plates, towels, and fruit are all items that can be stored in baskets. Wire baskets come with two arms that hook onto wall shelves or cabinet shelves, or over the tops of cabinet doors.

Ceiling fixtures

The ceiling is home to some oft-ignored valuable real estate. Provided your kitchen does not have a ceiling fan, you can use that space for wine glasses, which, due to their fragile nature, take up an inordinate amount of cabinet space. You can also purchase a three-tiered basket that hangs from the ceiling to hold fruit.

Appliance Axing

Ask yourself if you really need that blender, that George Foreman, or even that microwave. You may find yourself holding on to an appliance you hardly ever use just to have it. If you find each of your appliances fills an integral role in your kitchen, try consolidating. You can also eschew some larger appliances for smaller or multifunctional ones. Many companies even make hangable appliances like coffee makers.


Even with all the ideas listed above, you may find it impossible to have the kitchen space you need or want without moving or removing a wall, or without a complete overhaul. Unless you’re particularly construction savvy, the most prudent option may be to hire some outside help with your new kitchen.

Signature Contractors allows you to locate, research, and even get a quote for your construction project. We can match with you local kitchen remodeling contractors and arrange free on-site assessments and estimates at times convenient to you. Contact us today to schedule yours!

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