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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

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It doesn't matter if you live in a small town, downtown Atlanta, or suburban Chicago, most kitchen remodeling projects come about because, for whatever reason, you're not satisfied with the current layout and functionality of your kitchen. It's easy to see, then, why kitchen cabinets are such a critical part of a kitchen remodeling project. By serving as both the primary storage areas in your kitchen, and as the most potentially visible aspects of a remodel design, cabinets can make or break your project. So, before selecting a style or type of cabinetry for the different sections of your kitchen, be sure to thoroughly gameplan your choices with your kitchen remodeling contractor or cabinetry contractor.

Strategizing for your cabinetry takes many elements into consideration, including aesthetics, storage capacity, functionality, logistics, and cost. If you own more utensils, spice racks, and salad bowls than a five star restaurant, you will want to be sure your kitchen cabinets are designed with the maximum storage space possible. If you're the kind of person that tends to keep things a little more simple, you can save yourself money by limiting the number of cabinets, which can, in turn, free up more space in the room for kitchen appliances or walking lanes. If you do decide to add multiple cabinets as part of your kitchen remodel, think about your ideal image of the kitchen, AND the practical ways in which your current kitchen could be converted without necessarily having to knock down walls or start from scratch. It's a great way to save money. Finally, don't forget to think about everyone in your home who uses the kitchen cabinets. Don't make Grandma have to jump to get a glass out of the cupboard, but just the same, don't have your knife drawer positioned where your 3 year-old might get his hands on it.

Like most aspects of kitchen remodeling, cabinets can be purchased both pre-designed and custom, with the latter obviously being more costly. They can be constructed out of just about anything, including fine wood like oak, maple, and cherry, sleek-looking stainless steel, and convenient "tweener" materials like plastic laminate. Cabinets can be built open-faced, or with doors, depending on whether you want to display their contents. Kitchen cabinet doors can be hazardous if left open at certain heights and angles, so this is another factor worth considering. Don't forget about the varieties of kitchen cabinet hardware either (knobs, handles, pulls, etc). These small elements can add a lot to the look of your new cabinetry.

Cabinets usually establish the character of your kitchen, so plan well, and be sure to discuss your cabinets with a kitchen remodeling specialist.

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