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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

When developing your kitchen remodeling plan, don't forget to talk to your home contractor or electrician about the critical but sometimes overlooked issue of lighting. The larger your new kitchen is, and the more features and angles it includes, the greater your need will be for excellent lighting. Kitchen lighting is usually at its best when its flexible. In other words, lights that can be dimmed or brightened by degrees, or angled in different directions, can really help create a mood and make cooking and socializing easier.

First and foremost, talk to your electrician about where you wish to have lights positioned, both in the ceiling and in certain key locations, like above appliances, sink, and kitchen island. Lights that are meant to illuminate a work station are called task lighting, and you certainly need them in the kitchen. The type of lighting fixture you choose, meanwhile, should relate to the general style you're developing with the surrounding cabinets, counters, and floors, too.

Depending on the type of atmosphere you're trying to create, there are different types of kitchen lighting to consider, from the inviting glow of halogen bulbs to energy efficient florescent lights. The positioning of these lights will create what's called the ambient light of the room. If there are certain aspects of your new kitchen's architecture that you wish to emphasize visually, strategically placed light sources can provide accent lighting, giving an extra touch of style and depth to the room for very little additional cost at all.

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