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Kitchen Cabinetry Trends for 2011

Kitchen Cabinetry Trends for 2011

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by Kate Blair

The time has come to remodel your kitchen. It is a daunting task, filled with decision-making. Not only are there aesthetic choices to make, but functional ones, as well. When it comes to the kitchen, cabinetry often consumes over half of a remodeling budget. There is good reason for this; as a large surface of the kitchen, the appearance of cabinets will be an enormous influence on the overall look. Beyond appearance, cabinets have to do their job—providing storage, and making life easier for you. Luckily, when it comes to kitchen cabinetry these days, anything goes. Gone are the days when you might feel the need to comply with a contemporary design standard. More and more, consumers are branching out in terms of colors and woods, even using several different design themes in one room. New cabinet designs make it possible to ferret away the necessary appliances that you tire of looking at day in and day out.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Appearance

If color is what you want, the sky is the limit. There are more colors available than ever before. The recent trend has been away from white and beige towards more earthy colors such as sage green or chiffon yellow. Wood finishes are the most sought-after for kitchen cabinetry. While traditional woods like cherry, oak and maple are still very popular, many consumers are looking for more exotic types of wood, like quarter-sawn white oak, knotty chestnut, or burlwood. Especially in high-end markets, wood finished cabinets are moving towards furniture pieces—in other words, pieces that are custom-made.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Function

In the best scenarios, fashion and function go together. More and more, homeowners are looking for custom pieces that are equal parts of both. It is popular, for instance, to design a cabinet drawer specifically to house an unsightly garbage can. Consumers are beginning to integrate their appliances into the overall aesthetic of the kitchen by creating special cabinet doors for large appliances such as the refrigerator. Another feature that has recently gained popularity is cabinets that have a self-close or soft-close hardwire built in.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Contractors

Whenever you undertake a job as substantial as a cabinet overhaul, it is wise to consult with a contractor first. It is also useful to be informed, yourself. The best remodeling jobs are the result of a true collaboration between a contractor and homeowner. Be aware of your options. Many cheap, modular cabinets, such as those made by Ikea, perform just as well as more expensive models for a much lower price. Somewhere out there, the perfect kitchen cabinet is waiting.

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