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Flooring and Tile

Flooring and Tile

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Whether you're going for the aesthetically pleasing look of stylish tile flooring, stone, or coated wood, the central purpose of your kitchen floor remains the same; practicality and durability.

As comfy as nice carpeting might feel on your toes, it's clearly not your best option in flooring as you start your kitchen remodeling project. This is especially true if you cook a lot, have children, or drink any beverages besides water! Instead, you'll want to go with a smooth, stain resistance kitchen floor surface that's easy to clean, but also complements the color and design of your kitchen counter tops, walls, and appliances.

An expert flooring contractor or kitchen remodeling specialist can help you make an educated choice for your new kitchen flooring. In terms of popularity, vinyl flooring is still the top material in kitchen flooring, coming in both tile and sheet form, and countless colors and designs. Even within vinyl, though, you have a choice between standard vinyl and inlaid vinyl, its denser and stronger cousin.

Marble flooring, along with other stone materials like slate and granite, can make for a very classy appearance in your kitchen remodel, as can wood flooring made from pine, maple, or oak. If you want the look of wood or stone with the easy maintenance and feel of vinyl, you can go with laminate flooring, which also costs considerably less than traditional stone and wood kitchen floors.

Then, of course, there's tile flooring, a trusted choice for kitchens around the world. There are plenty of beautiful kitchen flooring designs featuring tile, whether it's ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or quarry tile. Flooring aficionados may see tile floors as a lower end option or more suited to a bathroom remodel, but in terms of looks and durability, quality tile can match up with the best floor materials out there.

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