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Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

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What good is a beautiful, sparkling new kitchen without the appliances that make it function? As important as it is to carefully plan the look and layout of your kitchen, kitchen remodeling is also about upgrading the kitchen appliances that clean your dishes, cook your food, and keep your drinks cold. Fortunately, with the help of a knowledgeable kitchen remodeling contractor and/or electrician, you can select appliances that will successfully serve your needs AND mesh flawlessly with the rest of your kitchen's aesthetics.

The refrigerator is often the largest appliance in your kitchen, and it also tends to get the most use. Aside from all the times you and your family swing open the door to grab a snack or a drink, the fridge is also perpetually in use from a functionality standpoint, as it's constantly running on electricity to ensure that its contents stays fresh and cool. While people sometimes think that kitchen appliances can be chosen and added to a kitchen remodel long after a design is laid out and constructed, this is rarely the case, especially where it concerns refrigerators. Because of its size, a refrigerator needs to be considered as a part of an initial kitchen remodeling blueprint. If you have a large family and require a great deal of space, you'll probably want to consider something in the size range of 25 to 30 cubic feet. You can also avoid overloading the fridge by having a special refrigerated drawer or cabinet unit installed, which can serve as an alternative drink cabinet, produce area, or freezer. In a smaller household, these in-unit refrigerators could also work in place of the traditional, stand-alone refrigerator. Whichever size of fridge you buy, however, be sure to talk with your kitchen contractor about its dimensions, to ensure that there is plenty of space to move around the unit, including times when the door or freezer door is wide open. You can also ask about special features like icemakers and water dispensers, and differences between Kenmore and General Electric refrigerators, compared to Viking, Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, and Maytag refrigerators.

While certainly one of the more helpful innovations in modern kitchen remodeling, dishwashers weren't always the most pleasant kitchen appliances to deal with. Luckily, recent advances in dishwasher technology have made today's top models quieter, more powerful, and more in tune with the aesthetics of your kitchen. In fact, many homeowners are installing two dishwashers in their kitchen remodel, especially those with larger families or those who routinely entertain guests. With two dishwashers, you'll avoid the common problem of overcrowding, and you'll always have clean dishes on the way, even when you're cleaning up for the last meal. These multiple dishwashers are often designed one on top of the other, and their inconspicuous appearance allows them to blend in with the kitchen cabinetry and counter tops. Meanwhile, if one dishwasher suits you fine, you might be able to save money by easily replacing your current dishwasher. Because most American dishwashers are a universal 24 inches in width, one appliance can be easily swapped for another. Jenn-Air dishwashers, as well as those made by GE, KitchenAid, and Fisher, also offer a wide variety of unique features to promote energy efficiency and practical convenience. So be sure to research your options and get the opinion of your kitchen remodeling contractor.

Ovens and Cooktops:
Though they might still come as one unit, ovens and cooktops (aka stoves) are now free agents in a kitchen remodeling project, meaning you have the freedom to install an independent oven in one corner of the kitchen, and a separate cooktop area on the opposite end of the counter top, or even as a part of your kitchen island. These days, many homeowners are embracing the commercial gas cooktop; the precision cooking stoves usually seen in classy restaurants. Residential, electric cooktops offer a more affordable alternative, and can look just as stylish, but don't match the precise heating capabilities of gas. Ovens, meanwhile, still come in two primary types; standard and convection. Someone who takes their cooking seriously will probably want a convection oven in their kitchen, as this type circulates heat better and delivers quicker, higher quality results. It's also becoming the norm for kitchen remodels to feature not one, but two ovens, either wall-mounted or under the counter top, allowing for more flexibility and productivity for the home chef. Again, whatever your preference may be, it's important that you decide on the amount, type, and size of your ovens and cooktops before the kitchen remodeling project begins.

Smaller Appliances: It might seem silly to worry about things like toaster ovens, microwaves, mixers, or that old George Foreman grill when you're taking on a large scale project like a full kitchen remodel. However, you do want to keep your smaller kitchen appliances in mind, as well, during the design portion of the project. You'll want to be sure there is enough counter top space for these items, with room to spare for food preparation, dishes, etc. You should also check with your kitchen remodeling contractor or electrical contractor about your new kitchen's electrical outlets. Nothing could be quite as frustrating as having a brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen, and no place to plug in your toaster!

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