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Area Rugs vs Carpeting

Area Rugs vs Carpeting

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by Kate Blair

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, choosing a flooring style is one of the biggest aesthetic and practical decisions you will make regarding your space. Will you go with wall-to-wall carpeting, or will you go natural, with hard wood floors and area rugs? From energy bills, to safety hazards, there is a lot more to consider here than you might think. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of carpeting
Aside from unifying a space visually, wall-to-wall carpeting has the added benefit of higher insulation. Carpeting will reduce your energy bill by retaining heat. In a similar vein, carpet will absorb sound rather than deflecting it, as hard wood might. This can be a great benefit for larger households. Carpeting can soften the noise level, allowing your home to remain a relatively quiet sanctuary. Finally, if you happen to have young children in your household, carpeting provides excellent cushioning for the frequent tumbles taken by less stable legs.

Disadvantages of carpeting
The biggest disadvantage of carpeting is that while it absorbs sound and heat, it will also absorb a lot of dust and dirt that is difficult to clean. Especially for those who suffer from allergies, this can be quite a burden. Odors, such as those created by the family pet, will settle into carpet and stay there. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure that your wall-to-wall carpeting remains fresh smelling and dirt-free.

Advantages of area rugs
A well-planned scattering of area rugs will alleviate most of the difficulties of wall-to-wall carpeting. Being mobile, area rugs are a great deal easier to clean. Therefore, allergies will not prevent you from enjoying the pleasant accenting that area rugs can provide for a space. If you are a capricious designer, area rugs allow frequent re-imaginings of a space, which would be both difficult and expensive with wall-to-wall carpeting. In short, area rugs are much more versatile than carpeting, making them ideal for renters, or others who move frequently.

Disadvantages of area rugs
When placed atop hardwood floors, area rugs can be slippery, and therefore, an inadvisable choice for those with poor footing. Also, area rugs will not provide as much insulation from sound and heat as wall-to-wall carpet, although they will certainly help a little.

A creative solution
In the interest of combining two fine floor coverage options, you might even want to try layering area rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. While carpet will always be your enemy if you suffer from allergies, area rug lovers might rejoice in lower energy bills, while still retaining some means for creative accenting.

To get a better sense of the best flooring options for your home, you can get a free assessment from a local flooring contractor or carpet installation pro. They can give you a professional opinion based in practicality and aesthetics.

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