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Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

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When selecting windows for your home, you might feel in a bit of a quandary. The options are so wide and varied that they can be overwhelming; at the same time, it’s easy to customize your windows to your home because you do have so many choices. First and foremost, you’ll want to have an idea of the size, shape, and effect you want your windows to have on a given space. From there, you’ll be able to start thinking about materials.

Your options for window-frame materials are extensive. Those who select wood are choosing a beautiful, natural, and energy-saving material, but you’ll want to remember that wood deteriorates when exposed to weather, and will require upkeep such as repainting or re-staining. However, you can get some of the benefits of wood without the upkeep by selecting aluminum-clad wood or vinyl-clad wood. Aluminum-clad wood won’t deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Vinyl-clad wood won’t warp or rot, but is more susceptible to cracking in cold weather. Vinyl is by far the most popular window-frame material.

Composite frames use pine and wood fibers giving you that look of wood, but easy care. Composite won’t bow or crack, and can be made to look like real wood. Vinyl is versatile in size and shape, and includes warranties as long as 30 years. Keep in mind that color options will be somewhat limited with vinyl, and that you’ll have to do some research to ensure that you’re getting good quality material. Fiberglass is perhaps the easiest to take care of, is self-extinguishing in the case of fire, lasts up to 50 years, and can be painted to match your home.

When selecting the right windows for your home, you’ll also want to think about the panes themselves. One option is double-paned glass. For many home owners in climates with cold winters, the decision to purchase double-paned glass is a no-brainer—it’s simply worth the energy savings. Others may want to weigh their costs more carefully. Your pane type will likely depend on where you plan to install you windows. Many individuals choose glass block rather than glass panes, for instance, when installing a window in a bathroom shower to obscure view but allow for light.

Another area in which homeowners won’t find a lack of options is in window design and function. Double-hung windows tend to have a traditional appearance, casement windows swing outward, and slider windows open halfway. Shapes and structure such as round windows or bay windows may also be considered, particularly for those building their own homes.

How can you decide which windows are the right windows for your home? With so many combinations, it is wise to meet with a contractor who can help you determine the best windows for your budget and your space. Having a professional contractor or window installer will ensure that you not only select the best windows for your particular space, but that the installation is done expertly. Signature Contractors provides the resources you need to find a professional contractor for your window installation. We can schedule your free in-home estimate today, and you’ll learn which types of windows are best for your space.

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