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Building a Walk-In Closet

Building a Walk-In Closet

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Many homebuyers desire beautiful walk-in closets, at least in the master suite. If you've purchased a home without a walk-in closet, making the addition can be a relatively simple, highly worthwhile project for you and your home contractor. Ideal for couples combining their living space, walk-in closets do more than just reduce clutter. A well-constructed and well-designed walk-in closet is luxurious and adds a great deal of value and interest to the home while enabling a pleasant and more enjoyable dressing and organizing experience.

The first thing to consider when planning a walk-in closet is where it will be located. If you have a smaller walk-in closet to begin with, a great option is extending it into the master suite. With the addition of a luxurious walk-in closet, shelving, drawers and built in jewelry and accessory cabinetry will eliminate the need of small organizational furniture pieces adding clutter to the bedroom. Generally when people build out their closets they no longer have a need for large dressers or armoires.

After deciding on a location, you can begin the task of designing the organizational features. Standard closets are designed with one high placed bar that spans from one side to the other. For those with modern wardrobes, who have a variety of pieces varying in length, having only one bar is not ideal. Adding a few more bars for clothing at staggered heights will maximize space and allow for hanging a multitude of fashions.

Another great way to organize your clothing is through custom designed shelving. Creating shelving that is designed specifically to fit your needs saves time, space and money. Custom shelving can house everything from shoes to bulky sweaters and heavier folded items like linens.

Adding a walk-in closet may sound like a daunting task, but if you're not looking to go the DIY route, contacting a contractor can be very helpful and often saves a great deal of time and money throughout the entirety of the project. Contractors will of course assist in the actual building of the closet but can be helpful in suggesting useful features, and in finding a design that will best fit your budget while coinciding with your personal taste and the available space in your home.

Additional accouterments like a full-length dressing mirror and benches turn your walk-in closet into a full-fledged dressing room. Instead of purchasing expensive benches from a furniture store, have them custom designed by your contractor. In going through your contractor, many times you can use the same wood you chose to do the rest of your closet in; this is especially nice if you selected a cherry or other dark wood finish.

Another very important and useful question to ask your contractor is about lighting; having a well-lit closet is very important. Seeing everything and having no dark corners makes it much easier to keep your closet clean and organized. Crown molding is also a very luxurious addition to a walk-in closet. It’s an especially desirable option if the rest of the master suite has crown molding, keeping the flow and design of the rest of the room. Rotating racks for ties, scarves and coats are luxurious and give your closet the feel of a high-end boutique.

There is nothing better than being able to walk into your closet, seeing all of your clothing, shoes, and jewelry hanging neatly and wrinkle free in a well-lit and comfortable environment. Have fun with your closet and make it your own, there is no reason that your closet shouldn't be as enjoyable and appealing as every other room in your house. Get started today by contacting us to arrange a personal project assessment with a local contractor, and start planning your new, walk-in closet addition today!

--Monica Prata

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