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Cat Friendly Home Remodeling Tips

Cat Friendly Home Remodeling Tips

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by Kate Blair

Some people will go to the moon and back to ensure that their pets are content. While cats can make do in any average home, updating certain features to fit your cat’s needs might make life easier for both of you. More than ever before, people are designing homes with their cat in mind. A recent trend in home remodeling is to have built-in features especially catered to your cat. If you are a cat lover, there are many things you can do to ensure that you and your feline can live harmoniously in the same space.

The Litter box

One of the bigger issues faced by cat owners is litter box placement. The litter box can be quite an eyesore. Something to consider when remodeling, then, is to create a cabinet space especially for this unsightly necessity. By leaving a small cat door in the cabinet, the cat will be able to come and go, and the litter box will remain tucked out of sight. Odor-neutralizing cedar is a good choice for material.

Watering stations

Cats can be both finicky and messy with their drinking habits. With some careful planning, you can install a drinking station in your home to alleviate some of the mess. You might even want to create a separate nook especially for the water and food dish. Some more industrious pet owners have begun to set up drinking fountains that hook directly into the water line of the house. Another option is to buy a watering fountain from a pet store. Since some of these require electricity, proximity to an electrical outlet is something to keep in mind.

Flooring and fabrics

Cats come with a great deal of possible messes, from accidents to shedding. Some surfaces will deflect these better than others. For flooring, carpet is probably not the best option. Tile or wood floors are easier to clean up. When it comes to furniture, many companies produce pet friendly fabrics that are both stain and odor resistant. Utilizing some of these options will prove beneficial in the long run.

Climbing towers and window seats

It is even possible to integrate cat-friendly areas, like scratching posts and climbing towers into the overall design of a home. Recreational climbing steps are an easy addition to walls, and they can be attractive too. Try having a few shelf-like steps leading up to a window. Windows are a source of endless amazement for your cat. Rather than attaching a window seat from the pet store, a more visually pleasing option might be to have a custom cat seat installed, integrating it into the aesthetic mode of your own home. This way, both you and the cat will be satisfied with the outcome.

To learn about more cat friendly remodeling ideas or to meet with a home remodeling expert for a free estimate, contact us today!

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