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Backyard Landscaping Trends

Backyard Landscaping Trends

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by Jennifer McGarrity

As a new decade rolls in, we see styles begin to shift; from architecture to fashion, the trends are surely changing. Instead of falling behind the times, continue to rule the neighborhood by keeping your yard up to date with all the latest landscaping trends. This year’s theme: low-maintenance & all natural. Instead of over the top flowers and huge perfectly kempt lawns, set up to entertain at home, spend less on upkeep, and have a serene getaway waiting for you right behind your house.

Backyard Landscaping Trend #1: Playing with Fire

The days of grills being the only fire producers in the backyard are through. This year, many are turning their backyards into at home entertainment just by adding one simple element: fire pits. This landscaping design element is easy to accomplish, regardless of your budget. There are a variety of different types of fire pits that can transform your backyard into a cohesive place to relax with the family or entertain on a dime. Oftentimes, fire pits are made from colored stone or concrete and are built as a part of a patio or deck. Less expensive fire pits need not be installed; you can find metal fire pits and complementary seating at most local hardware stores (and no one will ever know you saved a quick buck!). Be it for roasting s’mores and bonding with the kids, or for an aesthetic congregation spot at your next home-barbeque, fire pits are all the rage in landscaping this year.

Backyard Landscaping Trend #2: Just Add Water

In today’s age, turning your yard into a private getaway is easy, and landscaping never looked so good. Adding the smallest touch of water can create a sense of serenity in your yard like you never imagined. And, constructing your landscape to include waterworks is doable even on the tightest of budgets. Less expensive options include small fountains and even birdbaths. If you’re working with a little more money, small ponds and waterfalls are great options, and are easily installed. As a more natural landscape design is key; even pools are looking more and more like natural bodies of water. So whatever your use, lessen the space for nasty weeds and minimize the amount of time you spend caring for your lawn by simply adding some waterworks into your landscape design.

Backyard Landscaping Trend #3: Carefree Scenery

No longer is there a need to spend a fortune covering your yard with flowering plants and watering them endlessly. This season, your best bet is to invest in native plants, even if they aren’t the most intricate. Replace high-maintenance grass with easy-care shrubbery. The de-lawning movement is getting big; why waste money, time and water keeping your lawn big, green, and let’s face it useless, especially when there are aesthetic, easy alternatives that don’t require the use of nasty pesticides? Pick plants that won’t fight your environment, making your life easier, keeping your wallet fuller, and establishing your lawn as more stylish and envied. Lead the pack while literally going green and lessening the burden of your yard: invest in easy-care substitutions for the classic care-intensive choices.

Backyard Landscaping Trend #4: Eclectic Oddities

Don’t be afraid to be different; the most highly coveted back yards are those that stand out. So spice up your yard with the most intriguing of sculptures, pots, and whatever else you can find. Pick things that require little to no care and be confident with your choices. Rare and hard-to-replicate sculptures are ideal. Especially hot right now are large brass statues. They serve as conversation pieces and congregation places when you’re entertaining at home (and saving money doing it). No need to go overboard with your oddities, one large statue can be enough to have a presence in your yard without dominating it; don’t underestimate their power. This is a great creative outlet to set your backyard apart from your neighbors, so have fun with it!

Backyard Landscaping Trend #5: Function First

Most importantly, realize that your yard is here to serve you, but it’s up to you to bring it to its full potential. Adding vegetable gardens is a great way to make your yard benefit you; not only do you reap the sew having fresh vegetables all summer long, you also control what chemicals affects your crops. Your vegetable garden can add color and fragrance to your yard while also subtracting from your shopping list. Similarly, planting herbs in pots that match the style of your yard will allow you to have fresh herbs (without the shiny price tags). So however it is that you use your yard, remember low-maintenance is in, so don’t work for your yard, make your yard work for you!

To learn more about current trends in landscaping design or to set up your own free consultation with a landscaping contractor in your area, contact us today!

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