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New Trends in Home Greenhouses

New Trends in Home Greenhouses

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As homeowners focus on green living, one of the most efficient ways to channel solar power is through a home greenhouse. These units can be used to grow fruits and vegetables all year long, no matter what type of climate you live in. Greenhouses come in a wide array of sizes and materials, allowing homeowners to customize their home greenhouse to their space, budget and needs. If you get turned on by the idea of growing your own fresh produce any time of the year, check out the latest trends in home greenhouses by Signature Contractors.

Freestanding vs. Attached Structures
Attached greenhouses, as the name suggests, attach to the exterior of the home, similar to a lean-to addition. These structures are generally the least expensive to construct and may be a good choice in outdoor landscapes where space is at a premium. The other advantage to a lean-to greenhouse is that it is in relative proximity to electricity, water and heat, offering all the resources you need to grow your plants easily. Freestanding greenhouses can be placed anywhere in your outdoor space and run the gamut in terms of size and style. These structures offer more space and can make better use of light on all sides of the greenhouse for more efficient growing of plants. A freestanding greenhouse will require its own heat source, as well as access to water.

Styles of Greenhouses
There are many different styles of home greenhouse frames today, allowing you to customize your own growing location to the unique design of your outdoor landscape. Some of the most popular framing options in outdoor greenhouses include:

  • Quonset – This home greenhouse features a circular shape and either a galvanized steel or conduit frame. The height of these greenhouses is typically low, which can restrict space and limits headroom for gardeners.
  • A-Frame – This greenhouse structure is shape like a letter “A” with a tall point to the roof and sides that slant all the way down to the ground. The post and rafter design offers more space inside, but needs to be especially sturdy if it is to stand up to weather conditions like high winds.
  • Gothic – The gothic greenhouse structure is similar to the Quonset but offers additional headroom with a more pronounced point at the top of the roof and more exterior style.
  • Rigid Frame – Shaped like a traditional house, this greenhouse offers a single rigid frame that provides more interior space and better circulation than many of the other styles. This type of greenhouse requires a solid foundation to offer sufficient support for the structure.
  • PVC Pipe – A relative newcomer to home greenhouse construction, this frame is constructed of sturdy PVC pipe that easily snaps together. It is probably the least expensive type of framing material available.

Popular Materials for Today’s Greenhouse
Gone are the days of the heavy and fragile glass models of greenhouses. Today’s structures are all about durability and easy construction. With a host of options in building materials, it is easy to find a budget-friendly model designed to stand up to the elements and protect your delicate plants inside. Some of the most popular construction materials used on today’s greenhouses includes:

  • Fiberglass – Lightweight and durable, fiberglass is a good option for areas that receive a lot of rain and hail, since the material is virtually hail-proof. Fiberglass greenhouses are exceedingly durable, with some going 15-20 years before requiring replacement.
  • Polycarbonate – This double layer plastic offers better heat retention and is nearly as durable as fiberglass. However, its ability to filter light may be somewhat reduced, making it a better choice for very sunny locations.
  • Solexx – One of the latest material trends in home greenhouse construction is this polyethylene blend that offers more insulation and light diffusion than other types of materials. These panels can be used in initial greenhouse construction or screwed into an existing greenhouse frame.

With so many attractive options in home greenhouses today, it is no wonder that more and more homeowners are tuning into the many advantages of year-round gardening. Although many of these greenhouses come in DIY kits, contractors often construct these buildings to a homeowner’s specifications and ensure the structures will hold up over a long period of time. If you need to find a qualified contractor for your greenhouse construction, contact one of our representatives at Signature Contractors for a licensed contractor in your area. With your own personal greenhouse right in your own backyard, you can enjoy fresh produce and colorful, fragrant fresh flowers all year long.

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